Tuesday, June 23, 2020

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros - The Sea King's Daughter

Today I'm linking up with Socrates' Book Reviews for First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros.  This is a meme I've been following for quite sometime and always enjoyed seeing all the different first paragraphs so I'm really excited to be linking up myself!

First Chapter, First Paragraph:  

Don't call me Ariadne.  That's not my name anymore.

My Thoughts:  This is a reread for me so I know I'll keep reading.  I love Michaels' Gothic-y reads and this is a fun one. 

What do you think?  Keep reading?


  1. Curious as to why they changed their name; I'd read more.

  2. Hard to stop after that... why the name change?

  3. I am curious although mer-books don't always far well with me.

  4. I've never read this author. If it's a reread you must love her books :-) I feel that way about Pilcher

  5. The cover peaks my interest. :)