Saturday, March 30, 2019

2019 Reading Recap - First Quarter

So once a quarter I like to revisit the resolutions I made at the end of the year.  Partly for encouragement, partly because there is not much I love than tracking data, and the rest to make sure I didn't forget a resolution which very much happened this time around.  I blame the year itself because somehow it got left on fast forward.  I mean how could we have finished the first quarter all ready???

1.  Read 200 Books in 2019 - So I'm pulling this back to 150.  I'm just over 30 books right now and I'm feeling fairly happy with my reading pace.  I'll reevaluate next time.

2.  Complete the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge (here) and the Read Christie 2019 Challenge (here) - I've completed 4 and a half out of 10 on the Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge and 1 out of 11 on Agatha Christie.

3.  Read 4 Nonfiction Books -  I read 1!  I listened to Dead Wake by Erik Larson and loved it.   I'm looking forward to reading more by him and just more nonfiction in general. 

4.  Read 10 Books I Already Own - So far I've only read 2 but I'm in the middle of another one so I'm feeling pretty good about this.

5.  Make Progress On Series I've Enjoyed But Neglected - Read 5 off of this list - I completely forgot about this one so I'm at 0 out of 10 but I'm going to focus more on it next quarter.

6.  Read at least half the books this list and this list -   I'm trying to make some progress on some of the lists I enjoy making! - I've read 5 out of 10 on the 1st list but only 1 off the 2nd.  

7.  Read 4 Classics - or at least books I have deemed classics -  None yet but I've got a few on audio that I'm hoping to get into soon.

8.  Try 10 new cookbooks either purchased or from the library. - And this would be the one I completely forgot about but I do have a stack of cookbooks from the library waiting for me to page through.  I think I'm going to review them so I have a solid way to check them off.

How are you doing on your 2019 resolutions?


  1. You're making progress which is always a good thing! I've struggled with being too busy and tired to read recently!

  2. Looks like you've had a good few months and 2019 is off to a nice start.

  3. Sounds like you are doing really well to start 2019.

  4. You have certainly made a good dent into your 2019 Reading Challenges - well done:)

  5. I like to make resolutions but don't always get to them! Its good to take a quarter look at them. I think the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge is a little easier this year so think I will achieve it.

  6. I'd say your year is off to a great start! Love the idea of doing a quarterly recap.

  7. You're doing a really good job so far, the only goal I'm doing well on is my Goodreads number!

  8. Not bad at all. A bit horrifying a quarter is already up, though. lol

  9. I haven't done too much concentrating on my challenges other than just marking books off when I happen to read on that fits, but I'm going to be doing a progress post this month and I will know better where I stand. 👍✨