Friday, February 7, 2014

This Week in Reading

It's been grey and cold here which makes it perfect for yoga pants, fuzzy socks and reading.  J and the Tornado have been doing pretty much nothing but watching Star Wars so I've had a little time to read.  For some reason I seem to want to spend that time acquiring new books.  It's an illness I think.

What I Read:

A good read but read the series in order.  It doesn't get confusing but I definitely think you'd understand the characters more.

Kind of strange but a very well done if a little twisted mystery.  The next one comes out in June and I'll be stalking Netgalley and my library for it.

Definitely not my favorite.  Immature characters with 2 of my least favorite plot devices.  If you have nothing else to read this would work in a pinch but other than that find something better.

The first Agatha Christie novel not destined to be part of the series.  This one is a fun read.  To be reviewed when I finish the rest of the 1920s stand alones.

What I'm Reading:

New to me author and apparently the 3rd in a series.  I'm not quite sure what I think yet.  I'm about 15% in and it has a lot of potential to be good but it could also go horribly wrong.

This is one of my favorites.  I always enjoy reading it.

What's Distracting Me:

I finally broke down and agreed to watch the last season of The Office.  J and I used to binge watch it when the Tornado was a baby and having some colic issues and we weren't sleeping much and it became one of our favorites.  After the previous season with all the boss upheaval I kind of lost interest in it and then I heard Pam and Jim were having marital problems in the last season and that made me really not want to watch it.  I'm actually enjoying the last season so far.  I love Nelly's character (Catherine Tate otherwise known as Donna from Doctor Who) and that they've brought back some of the Jim/Dwight pranks.  But J wants to watch them until 11 or midnight and I've got reading to do!  When I'm not watching that I'm in a panic to clear shows of the DVR.  I really need to just cut down on the number of shows I watch. It's a problem.

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