Thursday, February 6, 2014

Delicious - Review

Delicious by Adrianne Lee

Rating: 2 Stars

Description:  Pastry Chef Jane Wilson is less than thrilled when she finds out her mother is going to remarry her 2nd husband.  This is the husband who Jane blames for breaking up her parents' marriage and sending her mother the road to the next 5 marriages and divorces.  She is also less than thrilled that her ex-stepbrother Nick Taziano will be back in her life.  As children they hated each other and did their best to make each other miserable.  Except now there's a whole new level of tension in their relationship.

Genre: Romance

My Impression:  The words Pastry Chef are irresistible to me right now.  If it has a pastry chef in it I'm reading it.  However, this one made me regret that a little.  It's a fast paced book with a few twists at the end so I didn't dislike it but it had some flaws I couldn't overlook.  Jane's immaturity made it hard to really like her.  Her reactions to her mother's remarriage are understandable but her refusal to believe Nick is anything but the boy he was at 13 seems ridiculous.  Her reactions to anything difficult generally include tears and sulking.  Her stepmother makes a fairly reasonable suggestion and she becomes extremely insulted.  Her grandmother who is supposed to be warm and loving and grandmother-y actually comes off as pretty hateful.  About halfway through a plot development came up that is definitely on my top 5 list for least favorite plot lines.  It was handled in an interesting (if somewhat unrealistic) way but not enough to make me love the book.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?:  No, probably not without a strong recommendation from a reader I trust.

Would I Recommend this Book?:  No.  It's not bad but there's enough books that are better.


  1. I do want a piece of the pie, though! haha

    1. You're not kidding! They talk about blueberry pie all through the book and I would've happily paid serious money for a piece. Or apple pie. Or really any pie.