Saturday, February 8, 2014

Future Reader

The Tornado reading We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  They read this at his school quite a bit not too long ago so he has it memorized enough that he feels like he's reading it.  Next year his Pre-K class works on reading.  To be honest, I'll be glad if he learns to read early but I don't think it matters all that much.  Emma started reading in 1st grade and actually took awhile to really enjoy it and she scored a near perfect score on the reading portion of her ACT and can read the entire Divergent series in a weekend.  Ringo started reading early and can't remember the last book he read.  We were talking about it the other day and the closest we can figure is maybe 4th grade.  Early reader or not I just hope he enjoys it.  I'm also looking forward to him being able to read his Thomas and Friends magazine on his own!


  1. My daughter loves that book. :-) I think she has it memorized too. LOL

    I can't remember when I learned how to read, to be honest. My daughter is really interested in letters right now and so my husband and I are working with her in being able to identify them. It's so much fun, especially when she gets excited when she recognizes letters on signs. I don't imagine she'll actually be reading for awhile yet. Like you though, mostly I want her to enjoy reading. I hope she will. A part of me worries she will end up hating it because I love it so much. An act of rebellion or something. :-S