Sunday, August 4, 2019

This Week in Reading - August 4

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey - I've read Tey's Daughter of Time a number of times but am not sure I ever read this one.  When I found it in used bookstore it had to come home with me.  (Purchased)

Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey - Pretty much same as above (Purchased)

The Bat by Mary Roberts Rinehart - I was very much on a classic mystery kick at my last used bookstore visit and Rinehart is an author I really want to read more of.  (Purchased)

The Haunted Lady by Mary Roberts Rinehart - See above (Purchased)

Murder, Served Simply by Isabella Alan - I can't remember much about this cozy other than it sounded nice and the food descriptions sounded amazing.  Apparently you shouldn't grocery shop OR bookshop while starving.  (Purchased)

Death in St. Petersburg by Tasha Alexander - I've been wanting to read this author for awhile and the cover on this one was gorgeous so I couldn't pass it up.  (Purchased)

The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs - I love Susan Wiggs and this one looks a little different but with the same qualities that I always enjoy from her books. 


Reading:  The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah and Terns of Endearment by Donna Andrews

Listening:  The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak

Watching:  We haven't watched too much TV this week or movies either.

Off the Blog:

Like everyone I was so saddened to read of the passing of Grace from Rebel Mommy Book Blog.  She's been such a presence in the book blogging world for so long and it was only recently most of us were living vicariously through her visit to BEA.  There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said and said better but I will miss her dearly and I couldn't let her passing go unacknowledged. 

We're out of town this weekend trying to get in some last minute relaxing before school starts (we get out in mid-May but go back in early August and have a few decent breaks scattered about in between).  But hopefully I'll be around visiting on Monday and catching up everyone.

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday:  Reviews from the Children's Section - Thursdays with the Crown
Tuesday:  Summery Covers
Wednesday:  Forgotten Bones - Mystery Review
Thursday:  The Lost Vintage - Fiction Review
Friday: Friday Fives
Saturday: TBD

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Hope you have a great trip! Hard to believe school is starting again soon. We don't go back quite as early but it's still in August this year, so only a few weeks left! It used to be after Labor Day.

    So true about Grace, just heartbreaking and so sad for her family.

  2. I love your choices of books this week! Isn't it great to browse through used bookstores? I make a point of always coming home with at least a couple of books in that scenario. Enjoy your books and your last weeks of vacation with Tornado. Did your daughter have her baby yet? Have a nice week.
    p.s. It was a sucker punch to the stomach to hear about Grace so soon after her last post. I have no words...

  3. Have a fun trip! And Grace really shook the blogging world. She'll be missed so much 😔
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  4. You got some awesome sounding books! I want to read Rhinehart as well!

    Have a great week and happy reading!
    Week in Review

  5. Enjoy your trip! Have a good week and happy reading!

  6. The summer just flew by this year! Have a fantastic trip:)

    My Sunday Post

  7. Looks like you did a bit of book buying recently! Yes the new Susan Wiggs big looks intriguing and as she is an automatic buy for me I have it pre-ordered.

  8. So sad to lose a member of the "community." My condolences to her family. Safe travels and lots of fun and laughter to you and your crew.

  9. I've been wanting to try Tasha Alexander's work as well. I hope you love all your new books! I hope you are enjoying your time away. I have a three day work week and am looking forward to a long weekend before school starts next week.

    The loss of Grace hit the community hard. I am so saddened for her family.

    Have a great week, Katherine.

  10. Some good looking mysteries there. I really enjoyed Terns of Endearment, hope you do too. Happy reading, and enjoy your trip! :)

  11. I'm curious about The Secret Sister. Enjoy your week!

  12. You made some great purchases..enjoy!

    Have a great reading week!

  13. Grace will be missed so much around here! She was a loyal reader and commenter on my blog and vice versa. I'll miss interacting with her. My heart goes out to her young family.

  14. Awful about Grace. It's so sad.

  15. Hope you are having a good reading week!