Monday, July 29, 2019

And Then There Were Crumbs - Cozy Mystery Review

Goodreads:  And Then There Were Crumbs (A Cookie House Mystery #1) by Eve Calder

Rating: Very Good
Source: Publisher

Kate McGuire's life was sweet in Manhattan before she lost her restaurant job and fianc� both. But sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles, and soon she finds herself starting from scratch in the island town of Coral Cay, Florida. It has everything she's looking for: sunny beaches, friendly locals, and a Help Wanted sign in the bakery shop window. Once she convinces the shop's crusty owner Sam Hepplewhite to hire her, Kate can't tie on her apron fast enough. Little does she know that trouble, like warm dough, is on the rise. . .

Stewart Lord is a real estate developer with a taste for a different type of dough: the green kind. He knows that he could make a killing by purchasing the Cookie House from Sam, who flat-out refuses to sell. But when Stewart turns up the heat on Sam--then turns up dead after eating a fresh batch of Sam's cinnamon rolls--all eyes focus on the town's beloved bakery. When the police arrest Sam for murder, Kate must somehow prove that her curmudgeonly boss is innocent. Enlisting the help of a team of lovable locals, Kate sets out to catch the real culprit with his hand in the cookie jar...before someone else gets burned.

Genre: Mystery - Cozy 

Why I Picked This Book:  Cozy mystery with a pastry chef.  I'm not strong enough to resist that!

My Impression:  Oh this one was a fun one!  For starters Kate is a great character.  She's smart and independent but ever prickly.  She has been impulsive in throwing up her whole life and relocating to Coral Cay but that's not normal behavior to her.  The community is also amazing.  I love the whole locals/tourist dynamic and the characters in this book are all kind of behind the scenes characters in a tourist town.  Maxi is my absolute favorite and my only real complaint is that I don't have access to really good Cuban food.  The food descriptions are mouth watering and this is not a book to be read on an empty stomach.  There is also a mysterious dog who adds a bit of whimsy and adorableness and humor.

The mystery is a good one and is one of those - Who wouldn't want to kill the victim - kind of murders.  I loved the reason for everyone getting involved in the investigation and I LOVED that they put together a team and that team was a book club. 

This wasn't absolutely flawless.  It did drag just a bit in the middle and I did find myself getting a little impatient with the pace.   However, it wasn't hard to put it up or hard to read at any point and this is probably one of my favorite cozies of the year!  I can't wait for the next book!

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Absolutely!  I'm hoping the next one comes out soon and we don't have to wait a whole year.

Would I Recommend this Book? 
If you enjoy cozies this is a great intro to a new series.

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  As always my opinions and impressions are completely my own. *


  1. I wish I could make time for some of these cozy mysteries that you read. Kate sounds like a really fun character, and although I am not a pet person I love it when a dog or a cat etc is in the story. An animal lover at a distance!

  2. I kind of love it when a book makes me hungry, although I proably shouldn't be haha!

  3. Oh nooo... that's a dealbreaker for me! I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much - but I refuse to read books that make me hungry as I invariably read at times when I shouldn't be eating!

  4. Yep, this is going on my new series for me list. I had to laugh at that fun title! And foodie cozies make me hungry. I always cut up some crispy veggies to crunch on because of that. LOL