Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Things That Instantly Make Me Want to Read a Book

Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by 
That Artsy Reader Girl which is all about lists.  Since lists are one of my favorite things this is one of my favorite linkups!  Today's topic is about Ten Things That Instantly Make Me Want to Read a Book.

1.  An Old House - especially one that's inherited and even better if it's full of trunks and secrets and whatnot.

2.  The main character is an antiques dealer, researcher, genealogist, or really anything that involves digging into the past for whatever reason.

3.  A 1920s or 30s setting - This can be in about every genre.  There's something about the between the wars time period that just grabs me

4.  Found Families - This has been my most recent favorite thing.  I love a good lonely person finding their place.

5.  A Missing Person investigation - There's something about a missing person case that pulls me in way more than a regular murder does.

6.  Dogs (as long as they're not in any kind of peril) - I love books involving dog training, working dogs or even books where a dog is the main character's side kick.

7.  Ghosts - I love a good ghost story or a haunted house or a ghost side character.

8.  A main character that is connected to books - If the main character is an author, a librarian, a bookstore owner or anything else that is connected to books I will most likely pick up the book.

9.  Family Secrets - Especially if paired with an old house!  If you throw in a main character who is a researcher, loves to read and has a dog and add a ghost or two to the house and you pretty much have my perfect book.  

10.  My favorite authors - I have a few authors that are auto-buy authors (Nora Roberts, Hazel Gaynor, Ellie Alexander, and a few others) so I will normally pick up their books without even reading the blurb.  

History and digging into old secrets seems to be my main themes.  What makes you instantly want to read a book?


  1. I love and adore found family themes! 🤗

  2. An old house definitely gets my interest and I love mysteries, especially those set in Ireland, Scotland or England. Right now I am trying to find a book to read that's not a tome. I am #2 for the new Kate Morton book and I don't want anything getting in my way of finishing it.

  3. Great list. I love mysteries with animals, although mostly cats. Also, I can't read anything that puts animals in danger.

  4. Great list. I didn't think of discovering an old house, dogs, or found families but yes those do it for me too.

  5. Big yes to found families! I love seeing a character find their people. :)

  6. Yes on an old house, dogs and ghosts! I love those things in books, too. :D

  7. It's such a great question--and I really like your answers, Katherine!

  8. I love books set in the 20s or 30s, too.

  9. I focused on fantasy books for this week's TTT prompt, but outside that genre, a lot of these appeal to me too. Especially in mysteries! The between-war period, particularly in Britain, is a favorite. Old houses, careers or hobbies that involve digging into the past, book-related settings or characters, and found family are all elements that I enjoy in a story of any sort.

  10. Other than #6, I agree with all of these. I like dogs in books, but they're not something I necessarily look for. We have a lot of reading interests in common, which is one of the many reasons I enjoy visiting your blog :)

    Happy TTT (on a Friday)!

  11. Old houses and ghosts (together or separate) would be on my list too!