Saturday, May 27, 2023

Into the Darkness - Keeper Shelf Review

Goodreads:  Into the Darkness by Barbara Michaels

Rating: Loved It (5 Stars)
Source:   Purchased

Description:  Meg Venturi never expected the windfall she inherits when her grandfather dies. For some unknown reason the eccentric old millionaire has left her his profitable antique jewelry business. But there is a catch. Meg must share the business with an aloof, mysterious, and somewhat sinister young man called A. L. Riley. The town is whispering about her enigmatic new partner. Rumors spread about unspoken secrets, a dark and disturbing legacy . . . and murder. Soon a series of troubling events has Meg looking uncomfortably over her shoulder. The longer she stays in this tiny New England village the clearer two very troubling truths that all that glitters is definitely not gold . . . and that someone will stop at nothing to drive her away.

Genre: Mystery - Suspense

Why I Picked This Book:  I'm slowly rereading all the books on my Keeper Shelf to make sure they deserve their place on the shelf!

My Impression: If you had asked me what my favorite Barbara Michaels book was before I reread this one this book would have definitely been in the running.  Going in with high expectations always makes me a bit nervous but this book did not disappoint!  Not only did this definitely re-earn it's Keeper Shelf placement but it also confirmed that it is definitely in the running for favorite Barbara Michaels book - really it's between this book and Shattered Silk.  

Meg has resisted being pushed into the family business - that is until her beloved if complicated grandfather dies and Meg finds herself back at the family estate and pulled into not just the business but a possible mystery.  I was pulled into this book from the very beginning.  Not only did I find Meg an interesting lead character I was also intrigued by her family and their complicated relationships.  But if I'm being honest the real star of this book is the jewels.  My main complaint is that there aren't pictures!  The variety of jewelry covered is fascinating - from famous historic jewels, to mourning jewelry, to small regard rings with their hidden messages, and even new pieces.  I also like that the small town setting is not all unicorns and rainbows like small towns so frequently are in fiction.

Even knowing how this ended I still felt myself pulled into this story and couldn't read it fast enough.  Barbara Michaels' writing style never misses and I can't help but be pulled in and completely caught up in the story from beginning to end.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Of course!  I only have a couple of more books in this reread and I'll be sad to come to the end of the list!

Would I Recommend this Book?  If you like suspense with a touch of romance this is a fun read!


  1. I like it that you have a Keeper Shelf. I've been working on a small similar project where I reread and review old favorites. Anne of My Head is Full of Books started it, and she calls it Super Past Due Reviews.

  2. I have a keeper area as well. It's in an old side-by-side with a fold down desk top. The two sides have shelves and my keepers are there.

  3. Sounds good. Another author I haven't tried yet.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed re-reading Into the Darkness. I don't think I have read any of her books before.

  5. I have not tried this author, but you five star and review have me wanting to try her!

  6. I intended to whittle down my Kindle freebies and 99¢ ebooks this year and I'm only reading the first one now. 🙄 You have been doing so well with your personal challenges, both last year and so far this year. 🙌

  7. Good that it still has a place on your keeper shelf. I like the sound of a family estate.