Saturday, February 12, 2022

Through the Wall - Classic Mystery Review

Goodreads: Through the Wall by Patricia Wentworth

Rating: Really Liked It!
Source:   Purchased

Description:  Most of Marion's relations would prefer her dead, and one of them will not stop at murder ...

Genre: Mystery - Classic

My Impression:  I think this book is the perfect example of just why I love Patricia Wentworth so much.  Marion is a fantastic lead character.  She's been in a tough situation supporting her frail sister and useless brother-in-law.  She's a nice person with a sense of humor and quite a bit of common sense.  She's also able to read people.  When she inherits a fortune and a house full of relatives she doesn't know and who don't like her once simple hardworking life becomes less hardworking but far more complicated.  Throw in being trapped under a train with a rather handsome author named Richard Carmichael and Marion's life is quite an adventure.  When a murder occurs at Marion's new home it's quite lucky that her new friend Richard just happens to know Miss Silver.

The mystery is cleverly plotted with a number of possible suspects and reasonable motives. There are people who are keeping secrets and old grudges as well as a few just unlikable characters.  I really didn't know just who the killer was until the very end and I enjoyed every page of getting there!

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Of course!  I've got the next one set aside.

Would I Recommend this Book?  Absolutely!  This would be a good place to start if you've never read Miss Silver before.


  1. Thank you for mentioning that this might be a good place to start as I've been eyeing this author.

  2. Patricia Wentworth is not an author I know, but I think I will add this book to my list. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Well as I was reading your review i was thinking I'd like to try it and then at the end you advise it would be a good book to try so will look it up!

  4. I'm going to make this the year I try a Miss Silver mystery. You seem to enjoy them so much! I'm such a fan of Agatha Christie, and people so often compare Wentworth to Christie.