Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Ten New Releases I Want to Read

I am absolutely terrible about keeping up with new releases but I was procrastinating about being productive and ended up scrolling through new releases on Goodreads and now I want to read pretty much all of them.  Here are ten I'm especially looking forward to reading.

1.  Two Wars and a Wedding by Lauren Willig - I just read and enjoyed a book by this author and I'm looking forward to reading more of her books.  

2.  The Watchmaker's Daughter by Larry Loftis - I really enjoyed a biography by Loftis that I read last year and I'm so intrigued to see that he has a biography on Corrie Ten Boom coming out .  The Hiding Place is a book I got so much out of and I'm looking forward to reading more about this remarkable woman.

3. Homecoming by Kate Morton - This is another favorite author and one that I'm so excited to see that she has a book coming out soon.  My main debate is if I want to get it in audio or print format.

4.  The Seaside Library by Brenda Novak - I'm a bit hit or miss with this author but I have really enjoyed her more fiction type books involving women who are held together by some kind of bond - either of family or friendship.  Plus how can I resist that title?

5.  Deep Tide by Laura Griffin - It's been awhile since I've read anything by this author and I really love romantic suspense so I need to pick up more of her books.

6.  Murder on Bedford Street by Victoria Thompson - I absolutely love this series and am so excited to read the next book.

7.  Shadow of Death by Heather Graham - I really loved the first book in this series about FDLE agent Amy Larson and FBI agent Hunter Forrest but was kind of meh about the second book.  I'm hoping the third book redeems the series and am looking forward to it.

8.  Identity by Nora Roberts - Roberts seems to do one romantic suspense title a year and I didn't love last year's book but this one looks really intriguing so I'm super excited to pick it up.

9.  Atlas by Lucinda Riley - I am beyond excited about this one.  I've loved the Seven Sisters series and can't wait read Pa Salt's story even if it was fully written by Riley.

10.  Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay - I love McKinlay's cozy mysteries but haven't read much of her fiction or romances.  This is about a bookworm looking for his unknown father and a non-reader chef .

Are any of these are your TBR?  What new releases are you looking forward to?


  1. I'm hoping to get a Kindle format for Homecoming. I'd take a book if I won a copy but her books are so long.

  2. I'm planning to read Deep Tide, Murder on Bedford St and Identity.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. I have The Seaside Library and Identity on my TBR too

  4. Some of these are on mine too and now I think I'd like Summer Reading as well. Possibly the Lauren Willig book too could get added as have enjoyed what i've read of hers.

  5. These all sound good. I have a few on my list, too.

  6. All of these sounds good. I've read one and have two others in my tbr pile.

  7. I hope you get to read all of these! 📚✨

  8. Ooh, it has been a while since I last read Brenda Novak. I will have to check out her newest book.