Saturday, March 4, 2023

Reading Recap - February 2023

Monthly Total: 17 -
Definitely not my best month but being sick and then having my son sick really slowed me down.

Monthly Breakdown: 

Print: 6
Ebook: 5
Audio:  6

Mystery:  8
Fiction:  4
Nonfiction: 1
Romance: 4

Favorite Book of the Month:

Unearthing the Secret Garden by Marta BcDowell - This was just a joy of a reading experience  - and it made me want to reread The Secret Garden.  Apparently, the author has other books that take a look at other children's books and I'm really looking forward to picking up another book by her.

I also really loved all the mysteries I read this month with my favorites being:
A Sinister Revenge by Deanna Raybourn
Killer Keepsake by Jane K. Cleland (this series is normally a solid 3.5 stars but this one was a lot of fun and I flew through it)
Wined and Dined in New Orleans by Ellen Byron (I had been a bit meh about the first book but thoroughly enjoyed this second book)

Least Favorite Book of the Month:

I did have a DNF this month but in terms of least favorite books I read it has to be Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries.  It wasn't bad but it didn't wow me as much I was expecting.

Where My Reading Took Me This Month:

Domestic Travel:

I visited New Hampshire, Louisiana, Maryland,  New Mexico,  and Tennessee 
and revisited California and New York

International Travel:
I went to England multiple times this month (in multiple time periods) but no other countries

Where did your reading take you this month?


  1. Neither Hoopla nor Libby had the Secret Garden book, but Hoopla had her Beatrix Potter book, and I'm thrilled because I am a big Beatrix fan. I put the Secret Garden book on my Kindle wishlist and I'll buy it if it goes on sale. On Overdrive we used to be able to request the library purchase digital and audio books books it didn't have, but now that they've forced us to go to the Libby app there's no way to do that. 😐

  2. 17 is a very good job of reading. I know I like to read lots more too but it's more than a lot of people read in a year.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. Even being sick 17 books in a month is a big accomplishment to my way of thinking.

  4. Great month of reading. I love A Sinister Revenge too

  5. Ooo that Secret Garden book looks good!