Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Fives - Five New to Me YouTube Channels I'm Enjoying Right Now


I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual Friday Linkups to try something a little different.  I'm in a list making kind of mood so I thought I'd start making random five lists.  Sometimes they'll be bookish other weeks not so much.  I haven't been watching much TV lately instead have been mostly YouTube.  Here are 5 YouTube channels that I've really been enjoying lately.

1.  Tasting History with Max Miller - I know I've mentioned this channel before but I really don't think I can talk about it enough.  Max does a fantastic job of mixing food and history in an incredibly informative and entertaining manner.  I'm a bit of a history nerd but I've learned more from him than countless books and documentaries.  He covers pretty much all periods of time and has made an amazing variety of food.  

2.  That Chapter - I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this channel before but Mike is my favorite True Crime YouTuber.  He covers crimes from all over the world and does a great job of being entertaining without disrespectful.  Plus, he just seems like the nicest guy ever.

3.  Abby Cox - Abby Cox's channel is all about historical clothing.  She used to be connected to Colonial Williamsburg and her education is in Fashion History.  The most recent video I watched was about Kim Kardashian wearing the Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday dress (spoiler - she wasn't a fan) and she did an amazing job of explaining the problems with this from an academic and historical perspective.  

4.  Georgia Marie - I just discovered Georgia Marie and am really enjoying her channel.  She does a mix of regular true crime cases, cold cases, Jane/John Does, and history of different points in history.  I just watched a video she had on 5 flights that mysteriously disappeared and it was fascinating.  

5.  Briannah Jewel - So this is a bit different from others but I get no less enjoyment out of this channel.  Briannah has a background in biology, is a certified personal trainer, and is in school to become a registered dietician.  She reviews "fitness influencer" workouts on Instagram and critiques them and then shows how to do the exercise correctly.  She's also worked with registered dieticians to talk about different diet plans.  She's smart, funny, and sarcastic, and has super cute dogs.  

Do you watch much YouTube?


  1. I still have to go to the Tasting History channel. I keep forgetting. I'll make sure I hop over there today. 🍳

    I watch the Crows Eye Productions channel's "getting dressed in" videos, so Abby Cox sounds great! I was angry they let Kim Kardashian wear Marilyn Monroe's dress. 😠

  2. I don't watch much YouTube, but these all sound interesting. I need to get into YouTube more.

  3. I am always watching Youtube these days ha!

  4. All new to me!
    Bookfan Mary

  5. They all sound well suited to you. I enjoy You Tube too, but more in the quilting world!