Saturday, December 14, 2019

This Week in Reading - December 15

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long - This sounds creepy and intense and it's been awhile since I read a book like that so I'm looking forward to it.  (Publisher)

A Murderous Relation by Deanna Raybourn - I love this author and I loved the first book in this series.  I'm hoping getting this one will push me to catch up in the series before I get to this one! (Publisher)

Who Slays the Wicked by C.S. Harris - I've read one book in this historical mystery series and really enjoyed it and am looking forward to trying this one.  (Publisher)

The House That Vanity Built by Nancy Cole Silverman - I adored the first book in this series with a psychic and a ghost and some Old Hollywood mixed in so I'm really looking forward to diving into the 2nd book.  (Author)

The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr - I have thoroughly loved this series by Carr so I can't wait to read this newest one.  (Publisher)

Murder Ink by Lorraine Bartlett and Gayle Leeson - This isn't my favorite cozy series but I was glad to get this newest one in the mail.  I love a series by Leeson that I've read so I'm hoping I enjoy this more then I did the last one.  (Publisher)

Dead as a Door Knocker by Diane Kelly - I know nothing about this series but it's the first in a House Flipper series which is always a good thing.  (Used Bookstore)

Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs - So I was browsing through this enormous used bookstore in the French Quarter in New Orleans when I discovered this mystery that I haven't read but is part of a series that I enjoy.  AND it takes place in New Orleans so I figure it's a sign. (Used Bookstore)

Dinner at Antoine's by Frances Parkinson Keyes - Apparently this is a classic but it's one I haven't heard of and I found it in this really neat book and antique print store in New Orleans and couldn't resist.  Antoine's is this amazing restaurant in New Orleans so I couldn't resist. (Bookstore)


Reading:  Christmas with Anne by L.M. Montgomery

Listening: Trading Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Watching: Not all that much.  When we are home which isn't very often I'll watch a Hallmark movie but other then that it's been mostly YouTube movies or Disney Movies from DisneyPlus

Off the Blog:

This week has been a bit crazy.  We were planning on being in New Orleans until almost Christmas but due to a policy regarding how long you can work out of state we had to head home unexpectedly and are about to head back until right before Christmas.   And it appears this is going to be a much longer project then we originally thought. It looks like J (my husband) will be in New Orleans for work until at least April and then there's a potential to be sent to Cape Canaveral in Florida for awhile.  So it looks like I'll be spending most of 2020 going back and forth.  To be honest - I'm not mad about it!  I love New Orleans and I love Florida so it all works out.  We did go to the Christmas parade in New Orleans and it was wild and so much fun.  A lot of the Mardi Gras Krewes use the parade as practice but it's a whole lot more family friendly.  The Tornado got tons of beads and candy and we both just had the best time.  We're planning on doing some of the Christmas events on the Mississippi coast and then right after Christmas heading north to Gatlinburg for the Tornado's birthday.  So we will have Christmas in the sand and Christmas in the snow all in the same month!  

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday: Brewed Awakening - Cozy Mystery Review
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday - Winter TBR
Wednesday:  TBD
Thursday:  Books from the Backlog
Friday: Friday Fives
Saturday: TBD

Have a great day and happy reading!


  1. I just saw Ten Days gone on another blog too the other day and I think I need that one. :)

  2. I've been wanting to read The Country Guesthouse, and The House That Vanity Built looks intriguing.

    Enjoy your week.

  3. It makes me a little anxious seeing all those incoming titles, I am working very diligently to keep my out as I want to read my backlist books more in 2020. Hmm some Christmas in the sand, sounds a little bit similar to our kind of Christmas.

  4. I like all the mysteries and thrillers you listed. I've never been to the south, so I'm intrigued by both of your locales! I'll have to look into Christmas with Anne--is it a story, a compilation, or what?

  5. I'm making a note of a couple of books and hope I will be able to find them. The Robyn Carr one and the Raybourn one particularly.

  6. I got Ten Days Gone too! You got a lot of cool books! It's a good thing you don't mind traveling with the looks of what is in store for you in 2020! Sounds fun for you and the Tornado, hopefully J enjoys it too. :)

    Have a great week and happy reading!
    Week in Review

  7. You added a lot of good books to your shelf this week.
    The Christmas Parade sounds like a lot of fun!

    Wishing you a great reading week

  8. I'm not sure I'd enjoy all the moving about but at least you like the places you'll be seeing!

  9. Enjoy the best of both worlds! I'm eagerly awaiting a time when I can take my Little to see snow! :D Have a great week! Happy reading!

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Lit

  10. The traveling is a great thing for a short time. I don't understand the only so much time at another location thing. I'm glad you are enjoying it and making it work for you. Have a great week and enjoy!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  11. Sorry the work things is making you leave early. I didn't realize that was an actual thing with some places. It does sounds like a great way to spend the holidays.
    I can say a little sand and snow for Christmas sounds fantastic.

    Have a great week, Katherine! Happy Reading!

  12. Sounds like a fun Christmas! I think I would love being on the beach for Christmas. All the traveling would probably wear me down though - I'm glad you enjoy it! New Orleans Christmas really sounds fun, especially the parade.

    Have a great week!

  13. If I had to travel back and both, Florida and New Orleans wouldn't be so bad. LOL Both are right in my stomping grounds too:)

  14. It sounds like 2020 will be a year of travelling, what a good job you took the decision to homeschool Tornado! What a stimulating change of environments. I hope the coming week isn't too exhausting, though.

  15. What a great excuse to travel. You'll have some fun memories to make!