Friday, December 20, 2019

Friday Fives - Shelf of Shame

I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual Friday Linkups to try something a little different.  Michelle over at Because Reading is Better Than Real Life   used to do a Five on Fridays that I always enjoyed and I've seen a few other variations on the theme.  As well I'm in a list making kind of mood so I thought I'd give start making random five lists.  Sometimes they'll be bookish other weeks not so much.  This week I'm looking at my (virtual) Shelf of Shame - aka books I've had from NetGalley since I first signed up years ago that I still haven't read.

1.  The Quick by Lauren Owen (Downloaded January 22, 2014) - I loved the cover on this one but it was requested in one of my first request binges and with a fairly sizable page count it fell to the bottom of the pile.  The fact that there wasn't a huge amount of buzz for this and the reviews were kind of on the meh side kept this from climbing up the must read list.

2.  It's Always Been You by Jessica Scott (Downloaded February 23, 2014) - This was my first book that I requested and then completely forgot that I requested.  I'm not super into military romances (especially when the blurb makes it sound like there's some rule breaking romance) and this one seemed super emotional so I never ended up reading it.

3.  The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride by Victoria Alexander (Downloaded April 14, 2014) - I requested this one because Alexander had been one of my favorite authors when I first started reading romance.  And I honestly tried to read this one but I just never managed to get into this one and I didn't like one of the main characters.  I did see this one on Audible Escape so I'll probably give this another try by audio but I haven't had the urge to pick it up again.

4.  The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynn Branard (Downloaded May 5, 2014) - The cover is pretty but honestly I have no idea what this one is about or why I picked it up but I probably should look into reading it.

5.  Day of Vengeance by Jeanne M. Dams (Downloaded May 13, 2014) - I started reading Jeanne M. Dams' cozies years ago but had missed several of her books.  I jumped at the chance to pick this one up but it was right at the tail end of some massive request binging and it kind of fell to the bottom of the pile.  I should definitely pick this one up as I have really enjoyed her mysteries in the past. 

Do you have a Shelf of Shame - virtual or otherwise?


  1. Ha ha. My NG feedback ration is 2%, so I've obviously got a HUGE virtual shelf of shame. Oh well. Baby steps, right?

  2. Oh I definitely have a shelf of shame. I'm glad to see others in the same position :) NetGalley is just too tempting!

  3. Oh dear! I have a few sitting like that at Edelweiss that I have abandoned really, I just stay away now! NG is okay I have got very cautious there and of course living where I do I don't have quite the same access as those in the USA because of world rights.

  4. Oh, I have a little one - one Kindle book trilogy that I started but dropped to read books from the library and at least one or two paperbacks I had won from GR.

  5. Hope these turn out good if you get to them. :)

  6. I can honestly say NetGalley and Edelweiss are the only shelves without my kindle and bookshelf at home. Oh my! The last book has me curious!

  7. My shelf of shame goes back to 2013. I can be a bit of a mood reader and sometimes by the time my request is approved, I am not as eager to read the book as I was when I requested it. I have something like 80 NetGalley books that I need to read.