Sunday, August 21, 2022

Life with Leukemia, a Puppy and Some Reading

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

I thought I was going to have a no new book week but at the last minute we ended up going to this store to pick up a Godzilla funko pop for Will and it has a sizable used book section.  So of course I had to browse the mystery section!

Kaleidoscope by Dorothy Gilman - I am loving Gilman's Mrs. Pollifax series and am trying to pick up all of her non-Pollifax books.  

Death, Bones, and Stately Homes by Valerie S. Malmont - I know nothing about this series or this author but this one looked interesting and I couldn't resist it.  

Children of the Storm by Elizabeth Peters - I'm picking up all the Peters books I see because I'm planning to read more from her and I really enjoyed the first Amelia Peabody book. 

Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart - I'm reading my way through the Mary Stewart books and this is one I haven't read.

Doomed to Die by Dorothy Simpson - Ditto above.

Mrs. Malory and a Death in the Family by Hazel Holt - I used to love the Mrs. Malory books but it's been years and years since I've read any so I've been picking them up when I see them.

The Man with a Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes - I used to love these but I read one a few years ago and was underwhelmed.  When I saw this first book in the Inspector Jury series I thought I'd pick it up and reevaluate the series.


Reading:  A Certain Darkness by Anna Lee Huber and The Thursday Night Murder Club by Richard Osman

Listening: The Magnolia Palace by Fiona Davis

This was a pretty low key week.  Will was feeling pretty good though his energy is low.   He's also been having a lot of joint pain so we had to go get X-rays.  Most likely this is just neuropathy but there are a couple of different conditions that can happen with long term chemo and steroid use that we need to rule out.  Both are treatable but the sooner treated the better.  He's fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole with Godzilla movies and is really enjoying watching them.  He's gotten a bit obsessed with Godzilla and King Kong at the moment.  

Rover is being a bit of a wild boy right now and is driving me crazy.  He's doing great in classes once he focuses but getting him to focus is sometimes a challenge.  I don't know if this is an age thing (he's 10 months old so right in the middle of puppy teenager time) or just a reaction to us being gone so much when Will was in the hospital or a bit of both.  

Other than that I've been trying to get caught up on rest and volunteering in puppy class and entry obedience class and am really loving that.  

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. I'm planning on starting the Huber series soon. And the Peters books have always sounded fun.

    I loved Godzilla as a kid so I can totally relate to that !

  2. Wowzers - you found all those at a random 2nd hand book department? That's pretty cool. That's the best place to find those random "fill in the series" books without costing an arm and a leg. I'm always more experimental when I thrift shop because it's not as much of an investment.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  3. I loved Godzilla and King Kong when I was Will's age. ❤ Is he watching the classic movies, or the new ones? If he's watching the classic films have him watch Mighty Joe Young. 😊

    I remember our Irish Setters being squirrely until around two years old. 😅

    I hope they figure out Will's joint pain quickly. 😔

    Have a wonderful week. 🌞

  4. Those books look good. I don't think that I have seen Godzilla. I think that I have seen King Kong, but if I did it was a very long time ago!

    I hope that you have a good week next week.

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  5. Love it when a store surprises you and suddenly you have new books! Especially secondhand-books because then it reeally is a surprise what you might find. I hope you enjoy your mystery reads and more puppy training, that sounds so fun! Juli @ A Universe in Words

  6. Godzilla and King Kong are fun rabbit holes to fall down! I hope all is well with him.

    Nine Coaches Waiting is one of my favorite Mary Stewart books. :) I hope you like it as well!

  7. Glad he is feeling better, but sorry to hear he is having so much joint pain, hopefully they can help him out. Godzilla is a fun rabbit hole to fall I have read the first in the Huber series and I need to get to another one.

  8. Nine Coaches Waiting is really good; I hope you enjoy it. And I like Kaleidescope also; it's the sequel to The Clairvoyant Countess (which I vaguely recall you have read?) And Dorothy Simpson's mysteries are good, too, though it is ages since I read them. As for Martha Grimes, I enjoyed the early Jury mysteries when I read them in the late '80s, but lost interest in the series after a bit. And I want to start Huber's Verity Kent series as soon as I catch up on the Lady Darby series.

    So sorry to hear about Will's joint pain; I hope that gets sorted out soon so he will feel better. I continue to keep him, and your family, in my prayers.

  9. What a wonderful treat that you managed to discover all those reads in one store. I do hope they soon get to the bottom of Will's joint pain - he's enough to deal with without that particular misery... Have a great week, Katherine.

  10. I hope all works out for Will, and that the joint pain goes away.

    Your books look really tempting, and I keep seeing that Anna Huber book around. Enjoy your week, and here are my

  11. I"m glad Will is doing better and hope you don't find anything concerning on the xrays. Godzilla and King Kong are wonderful distractions for Will. Have a great week.

  12. Glad Will had a bit of better week and that he is easily distracted by Godzilla/King Kong. Rover is at a tough age so I'm sure your time away makes him a bit more hyper when he gets you back.

  13. Oh lets talk busy puppies!!! Anna is 13 weeks now and oh my word.... My hubby says he thinks she makes a short every now and then and just go crazy!! But we love her and enjoy her tremendously.

    Nine coaches waiting... Gosh - I need to think if I've read it. I've read most of the Mary Stewart books, so I probably did. Let me go see!

    The rest of your book haul sound marvelous. I hope you get to read them all soon.

    Take care and lots of love to Rover and Will!

    Elza Reads

  14. I love Mary Stewart books and hope you have a lot of fun reading them all.

  15. ooo you're reading some great books. I love the Osman series. I want to read the Huber books. I'm glad you and Rover are managing the classes. It's great Will is feeling ok and you seem to know just what's needed to keep him in good shape. You're handling things well.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  16. Both of these look good! Happy reading.

  17. I can remember a time in our lives when Godzilla was one of the favorite characters around here. Glad Will is enjoying these movies, too.

  18. I went through a short Mary Stewart phase and left off with Nine Coaches Waiting up next. Maybe you'll convince me to get back to it. Glad it was a low key week... nobody needs too much drama. Love that Will is enjoying Godzilla and King Kong! Teenage puppies can be a lot handle... but Rover is so cute.

  19. So glad Will was feeling better this week, except for the joint pain. A Godzilla movie binge sounds like a lot of fun.

  20. I hope you enjoy The Magnolia Palace. I really did.

    I'm glad Will felt better this week other than the low energy. I'm sorry about his joint pain. I hope it's not too serious. I continue to hope he improves! :)

    My Sunday Post

  21. I hope Will is feeling better. Your books look good. Hope you have a good week!

  22. That’s a great book haul! I hope you get good results from the x-rays.

  23. I am glad that Will is feeling better. Hopefully his pain isn't something serious. Nice used book haul this week. I do hope that Rover calms down a bit for you. Have a great week!