Saturday, August 27, 2022

Be Buried in the Rain - Keeper Shelf Review

Goodreads: Be Buried in the Rain by Barbara Michaels

Rating: Loved It! (4.5 Stars)
Source:   Purchased

Description:  The Past Holds Terrors... 

There are secrets buried at Maidenwood--dark secrets that span generations. Medical student Julie Newcomb, who once spent four miserable childhood years at this rundown Virginia plantation, would rather not resurrect ancient memories, or face her own fears.
That Can't Be Forgotten

Yet Julie cannot refuse her relatives' plea that she spend her summer caring for the bedridden--but still malevolent--family patriarch. Reluctantly, Julie agrees, praying that life at Maidenwood will not be as bleak as before. From the first, though, Julie finds Maidenwood a haunted place, not merely echoing with grim reminders, but filled with dark secrets that will become part of her life even today.

Genre: Mystery - Gothic

My Impression: Michaels does such a great job with a atmosphere in this book.  You can just feel the dilapidation and misery of this Virginia plantation with a solid heaping helping of humidity and unsavory secrets.  

Julie is a good main character.  The book was published in 1985 but other then lack of cell phones doesn't really feel dated.  Julie isn't afraid to speak up for herself and let her opinions be known - except when it comes to her grandmother, Martha who just exudes evil.  She's coming to grips with a past she increasingly realizes that she doesn't remember and trying not to fall into past pitfalls.  Her cousin Matt is also interesting character and I liked how clear he was about what was his political persona and what was his real thoughts.  

What kept this from being a 5 star read for me was that I wanted more detail on the end.  There is a nice sum up on some things but I still wanted a bit more.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Of course!  Michaels is one of my favorite others and I can't wait to pick up the next book by her.  This has definitely earned its spot on my Keeper Shelf.

Would I Recommend this Book? If you enjoy a good Gothic family story with a bit of mystery then I think you'll really enjoy this book.


  1. This is a great idea for a weekly/monthly meme, I think.

    And Barbara Michaels was one of my mom's favorites.

  2. I've never read this author but I do like a gothic book now and then.

  3. Barbara Michaels is one of my favorite authors. I've read her books many times; I like this one a lot, but get what you mean about wanting a little more at the end. I think my favorite Michaels book is Into the Darkness. Have you read that one?

  4. What a prolific writer Barbara Mertz was! I have several friends who prefer the books she wrote as Elizabeth Peters, but I have to admit that her Barbara Michaels books are my favorites.

  5. Barbara Michaels is so good. I haven't read one of her books in a while.

  6. I never read this author but I really want to. Her books sound so good.

  7. A Gothic family mystery drama?? Count me in for sure! I'm heading to Goodreads right now.