Sunday, August 14, 2022

Life with Leukemia, a Puppy, and Some Reading - August 14

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

A Trip with Trouble by Diane Kelly - I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I was excited to pick up the 2nd book.  (Publisher)

A Death in Door County by Annelise Ryan - This is the first in a new cozy series involving a monster hunter.  It sounds completely different from anything I've ever read and I think I'm either going to absolutely love it or be really meh about it but my hopes are high.  (Publisher)

A Good Dog's Guide to Murder by Krista Davis - Davis is a cozy author that has been around since I started reading cozies but I have read very few of her books.  I'm a little nervous about jumping in mid-series but this one sounds really good.  (Publisher)

The Ghost and the Stolen Tears by Cleo Coyle - I've really enjoyed the previous books that I've read in this series and I'm really looking forward to this latest book.  (Publisher)


Reading:  A Treacherous Tale by Elizabeth Penney and No Farm, No Foul by Peg Cochran

Listening:  The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson

It has been a crazy couple of weeks!  The last Sunday Post I wrote a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Will's numbers were super low and we were crossing our fingers that he didn't end up with a fever.  Well Sunday morning he woke me up complaining of a headache and when I took his temperature - sure enough he had a temperature of about 101.  In Leukemia world this means heading straight to the ER.  When they ran his labs his numbers had dropped even farther and we ended up being admitted.  His numbers dropped to zero and he developed a mouth sore which is super common with long term chemo and apparently chemo in general.  Because he had no immune system there was nothing to clear it up even with regular IV antibiotics and anti-virals.  He ended up staying inpatient for a solid week but now his numbers are back up and he is feeling so much better.  We spent most of last week getting caught up on our sleep.  Even though the night nurses were all fantastic its still hard to sleep in a hospital!

This week he is starting school.   I ended up revamping all our homeschool curriculum and am so excited to get started.  Will is less excited but is agreeable so I'll take that as a win. 

Dog-wise Rover started his next obedience class this past week and it was very obvious we've been off schedule and have had a crazy few weeks.  He was a bit bonkers but we've been working on training in different locations and I'm hoping with that and his 1st birthday being around the corner he'll gain a little self control!  I'm volunteering for Puppy class and the beginning Manners class and am really enjoying working with all the dogs.  Rover's going to start taking a scent work class in September I think and I'm really curious to see how he'll do.  Apparently they're always looking for volunteer search and rescue dogs so that's a potential option if he does well.

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Oh sorry to heat that Will had to be in the hospital! And it IS hard to sleep in the hospital, no doubt. I had to once when my mom was there and it's not super comfortable. Anyway, glad to hear he's doing better now. And good luck with starting the schooling.

    Take care this week and be well.


  2. Sorry to hear what a rough week you had, but glad to hear that Will is doing better.

  3. Sorry Will and the family had such a rough week; I hope the rest of his treatments are easier for you all. As for books - several look fun here. I used to read the Cleo Coyle Coffee House mysteries years ago but, got very far behind after about 5 or 6; I hope to read more of that series some day. Can't believe Rover is almost (1) already! Have a great week, Katherine.

  4. You and Will have been through a lot. I'm glad Will was able to get good care and was able to heal in the hospital, and now you and he can get caught up on your sleep.

    Good luck with the new school year! I hope you both enjoy the studies this year.

  5. Your cozies sound like the perfect reads for this time in your life. I’m glad your son is doing better! Whew! Good luck with Rover’s training!

  6. Ah man, sorry to hear that Will has been having a time of it, glad his numbers are back up. Hope homeschooling goes great! You got some awesome books last week! :)

    Have a great week and happy reading,
    Week in Review

  7. Oh my gosh. I am so glad to hear that Will is recovering and doing better and is home now. I could feel my anxiety rising for you all just reading that! But now you are all home and can rest.

    Oo what did you revamp for homeschool? I am deep into my homeschool world right now lol, getting stuff all ready.

    Those Diane Kelly books look awesome!

  8. Seriously, I don't where you get your strength. I am so sorry to hear what Will is going through but as parents it must be so hard. Hugs to you all, Katherine. Hoping the end of treatment comes soon but I think you mentioned you were halfway through, or just over.

  9. Sorry to hear about your rough week - I hope the coming one is smoother!

  10. I haven't read a Cleo Coyle book in a while. Wonder if yours is part of the coffee shop series?

  11. Sorry to hear Will is having a rough time, but glad his numbers are back up. A Good Dog's Guide to Murder sounds good! Hope you enjoy your new books and have a better week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  12. I'm sorry to that Will has had a tough time for the last couple of weeks. I'm glad his numbers are back up. I hope he continues to improve and that he'll enjoy school.

    My Sunday Post

  13. I'm glad the last couple weeks are over and you are getting more rest and Will is better. School will add a bit of routine and normalcy for you both. Exciting about Rover and great you are enjoying working with the dogs.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  14. Wow Rover! You are becoming a real superhero. Love it! Have you seen Rescued by Ruby? It's on Netflix and sooooo lovely.

    Sorry to hear about Will.... But at least he is a fighting champ and with you and Rover by his side, he will bounce back soon... Please remember that you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    A good dog's guide to murder - I'll have to check that one out!

    Have a good week, take care and happy reading!

  15. I was sad to see Will had to be in the hospital, but I'm so glad he's doing better and was able to come home. I'm sure school will go well, once you all get back into a routine. (That probably goes for Rover, too!)

    Enjoy all those cozy mysteries! They can be so much fun, especially when you need something light, with a satisfying ending guaranteed.

  16. What a scary week for you all, I'm so glad Will is better now, and is agreeable to school. Our one year old puppy is still bonkers, but slowly getting better. I hope Rover does well in school too!

  17. I'm glad to hear that Will is out of the hospital and ready to start school, like it or not. Ha ha.

  18. Been a tough few weeks, hope it calms down now. I hate the idea of mouth sores for Will, so unpleasant to add on top of everything else. I can imagine a hospital is not the best for sleep for sure. The dog training sounds like a good outside hobby really. Enjoy all those cozies.

  19. I'm glad Will is back home. I hope your homeschooling goes well!

  20. I'm sorry Will has been in the hospital, but I'm glad to hear he is feeling better.

    I read the first couple of Krista Davis book in this series and loved them. I've been so bogged down with reviews that I haven't continued the series, but I want to. The Diane Kelly series sounds good and I want to read that one too. Also, A Death in Door County by Annelise Ryan really has my interest too.

    Hope this is a better week for all of you!

  21. I'm so sorry about Will, but I'm very happy to hear that he is feeling better. And hope he'll enjoy school.
    I hope you love A Treacherous Tale. We really enjoyed it.
    Have a great week ahead <3

  22. I hope will can avoid the hospital as much as possible for a while. mouth sores are the worst, he is a trooper. I hope the schooling is semi enjoyable for Will and very enjoyable for you! Those cozy covers look great!

  23. I'm so happy to hear you are all back home and catching up on sleep. 🤗 I'm sure Will will be excited about school once you all get started. 😊 I would love to hear about special projects you work on. 😎

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your scent work training with Rover. 🐾

    Have a wonderful week. 🌞

  24. Sounds like you've all had a rough couple of weeks... I'm glad Will is back home with better numbers. Good luck with the school year and I hope you enjoy your current reads.

  25. I am sorry that it has been a tough couple of weeks. I am so glad that Will is doing better now. I have a copy of A Death in Door County and am looking forward to it.