Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Books I Read On Vacation


Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is all about lists.  Since lists are one of my favorite things this is one of my favorite linkups!  Today's topic is about books I read on vacation.  I keep one of those 5 year journals where you are supposed to write a sentence for each day.  I use mine to record what books I read that day and what I ate for dinner.  I'm not exactly sure why I started doing that but I really enjoying paging back through it and I'm about to finish up my first five year journal.  Because of that I can tell exactly what books I read on vacation and where though the past few years haven't been the best for vacation.

1.  Claw Enforcement by Sofie Ryan (New Orleans, LA)

2.  The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman (Disney World)

3.  Ladies' Bane by Patricia Wentworth (Baton Rouge, LA for a St Jude family event)

4.  Forgotten Bones by Vivian Bars (Gatlinburg, TN)

5.  Owl Be Home For Christmas by Donna Andrews (New Orleans, LA)

6.  The Collector by Nora Roberts (Pensacola, FL)

Those are all the vacations we've taken in the last few years which isn't too terrible since we haven't really been able to travel since March of 2020 thanks to Covid and then Will's diagnosis.  So here are 4 books that I've used to travel vicariously in the past few years.

7,  Vanishing Edge by Claire Kells (Sequoia National Park, California)

8.  Booked for Trouble by Eva Banks (Outer Banks, North Carolina)

9.  Death on Tap by Ellie Alexander (Leavenworth, Washington)

10. 'Til Death by Carol J. Perry (Salem, MA)

What books have you read on vacation and where have your books taken you?


  1. I love the idea of a 5 year journal! I am going to make a note here and start doing that in January. Which is just around the corner..... You read such lovely books Katherine!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday.

    Elza Reads

  2. I write what books I am reading, dinner, drinks if we have them and events in my planner. I write in it everyday!

  3. I love the 5 year journal list of vacation books. What a great idea!

  4. Some of these are in KU, which I just gifted myself, so I am adding some.

  5. Ooh...Forgotten Bones looks like a good one, as does Vanishing Edge. :)

  6. I hope that one day you will again be able to travel for vacation. Love that you keep a journal of what you read and where. Very organised.

  7. Wow, I love your dedication to a 5 year journal. I like that you included books that "took you on vacation" while reading.

  8. I love that you can look up what books you were reading on vacation. I can sometimes remember where I read a book but I am not great at record keeping.

  9. I've traveled vicariously myself during pandemic times.

  10. I have a five year journal that asks a question each day. I think I might add books and food to it, too! Thanks for mentioning your journal. 🤗

    I have never been able read books on vacation; I get too distracted. I always buy magazines if I start needing reading material to feed my book demon. 😅