Sunday, October 23, 2022

Life with Leukemia, a Puppy, and Some Reading - October 23


It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Muffin But the Truth by Ellie Alexander - This is one of my favorite series and of course I couldn't resist the newest book.  (Publisher)


Reading:  A Trip with Trouble by Diane Kelly and The Listening Eye by Patricia Wentworth

Listening:  The Office BFFs: Tales of the Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

Rover is officially 1 years old!  He's got a lot of growing up and calming down to do but he is turning into a really great dog.  We are sticking to two classes for now though I do want to try training with one of the local search and rescue groups.  

Will had a pretty good week.  His numbers have stayed pretty steady and we were able to go out to breakfast this weekend which was fun.  School is going pretty well though I think we will both be glad to be done with long division.

It's been a fairly crazy few weeks.  My grandmother has been living in a memory care facility for the past year or so.  She had started out in assisted living but the isolation and inability to have visitors sped up her decline into dementia.  I understand the assisted living's reasoning for this but she declined so quickly during that time and was so miserable it is so frustrating.  Unfortunately, she had a fall recently that means she can no longer stay in memory care and so we have had to move her into more of a nursing home.  This meant clearing out her memory care apartment as quickly as possible and there were just a lot of practicalities to deal with that.  Once things calmed down from that I got hit with a migraine that lasted Thursday through Saturday.  I've spent this week trying to catch up on everything that got dropped in the last two weeks as well as getting back into the routine for the dog classes I'm working with this cycle.  I've been reading some books I'm really enjoying lately and really enjoyed having a normal week!

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. I cannot believe Rover is a year old. It seems like only yesterday you brought him home. Glad Will had a good week. I hope your grandmother settles in and the move wasn't too difficult.

  2. Rover is such a cute dog! Hard to believe it's been a year since you got him! I am glad Will is doing good and I don't blame him for wanting to be done with long division! :)

    Hope you all have a great week and happy reading!
    Week in Review

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better and more back to normal. Rover and Will are doing so well. That has to be a plus. Have a great week Katherine.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  4. Rover is such a cutie! I am glad that Will's number stayed steady. I know exactly what you mean about Covid restrictions having a negative impact on those with dementia. My mother in law started out needing someone to keep an eye on her but the isolation took a toll very quickly. Take care of yourself, Katherine!

  5. That's sad about your grandmother. Will you be able to visit in the nursing home?
    Rover is a year? Wow, it didn't seem like that long since you got him!!

    Grea news about Will and I do sympathize about long division. Ugh!!

  6. Happy birthday to Rover 🎉. I’m glad Will is having a good week, I’m sorry yours has been tough.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. Rover is adorable! Sorry to hear about your grandmother. We're going through similar things with my grandfather and it's really difficult. Hope your migraine has subsided and that you're able to get some time for self care this week!

  8. A cute picture of Rover. It is a tough time when grandparents go through these things.

    I hope you have a calmer week next week.

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  9. That was a fast year - hard to believe Rover is one. Sorry you've had additional stressors with your grandmother lately. I am happy Will had a good week and that reading has continued. TAKE CARE Katherine.

  10. Oh man the added grandma stress is rough. Hope she does better in her new home. That is good news about Will though!

  11. Rover looks so handsome and happy birthday to him! I'm glad Will is doing better this week. I had similar issues with my mother a few years back. It's so heartbreaking and sad. i hope things smooth out for you soon.

  12. What a week, no wonder you got a migraine after having to deal with the apartment and worrying about your grandmother. Happy Birthday to Rover, what a blessing he is. Muffin but the Truth - so clever and Ellie Alexander I enjoy.

  13. Rover looks like such a wonderful dog! And glad Will had a good week. Long division- ugh. Don't miss that! I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother though. That's a hard thing and I wish her all the best going forward. Thank goodness we have books for a little break ow and then, right?

    Be well and have a good week!

  14. Ah, my Argyle had his 10th birthday this past week too! Glad Will had a good week as well. We got good news on my stepdad's prostate cancer this week, so maybe it was just a good week for all with that. I love the title of the book Muffin but the Truth. Cozy mysteries have the best titles! Have a good week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  15. Happy birthday to Rover! I'm glad Will's numbers were steady enough that you could go out. I hope you have a great week and that Will will continue to improve. :D

    My Post

  16. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, I hope things get better for her where she moved to. Tell Rover Happy Birthday for me. Glad Will is doing so well. I hope you all have a great week!

  17. Happy to hear Will's numbers have been stable. Happy birthday to Rover!!
    Muffin But the Truth looks so good. I hope that you enjoy it! I love cozy mysteries, they are honestly the best!

  18. Rover is so big! I'm sorry to hear about grandmother. I hope she settles in and gets great care.

  19. I was thinking your week sounded pretty spectacular until I read about your grandmother and your migraine. I am so sorry - my grandfather had Alzheimer's and I know what that is like to watch.

    I am glad that Will had such a great week though, and that you are done with long division!

  20. Rover is adorable, and I'm glad Will was able to enjoy a breakfast out.

    So sorry about your grandmother. I think assisted living places have rules that make it almost impossible for people to do well...there is a lot of isolation that comes with the rules.

    I feel sad for her.

    I hope you have a better week.

  21. Happy Birthday to Rover!
    My mother lives in assisted living/memory care. Overall its a good place for her as she has fairly advanced dementia. She was kept safe from covid (although many residents didn't avoid it) and they allowed visitors after a year of lockdown when we did all window visits. Not a great time but we're hopefully on the other side of it. She'll turn 89 next week :)
    I'm glad to hear Will is holding with numbers. And I still remember how glad I was to move on from long division, lol.
    I'm going to take a look at The Bakeshop Mystery series. I'd like to try a new cozy series. Have a good week!
    Mary @Bookfan

  22. Happy birthday, Rover! You are such a handsome boy. 🎂

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's fall. Hopefully she will like the nursing home atmosphere. Hugs. ❤

    I'm glad your migraine is finally over! 👏👏👏