Saturday, October 8, 2022

Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle - Classic Mystery Review

Goodreads:  Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle (Mrs. Pollifax #8) by Dorothy Gilman

Rating:  Really Liked It! (4.5 Stars)
Source:   Purchased

Description:  Although Mrs. Pollifax is determined to give up spying for good, she can't help but agree to carry a small object to an agent in Thailand, and get one in return. The moment she lands, however, Mrs. Pollifax is horrified to find her contact dead and her husband kidnapped. The next thing she knows, she's tramping through the ominous Thai countryside, led by a curious fellow who may be trying to help her find her husband. Or he may have other, more sinister plans....

Genre:  Mystery - Classic 

My Impression:   Emily Pollifax and her husband Cyrus are planning on having a simple vacation in Thailand when suddenly someone from Mrs. Pollifax shows up at the door with a simple little job.  This being Mrs. Pollifax adventure things don't go as planned and things quickly get complicated.

I really liked that there's a bit more heart to this series then I first expected.  Mrs. Pollifax's last adventure was traumatic and she is still dealing with the aftereffects.  I loved how considerate Cyrus is with her feelings and how he wants to protect her but at the same time doesn't try and tell her what to to do even when she decides to go back into the field.  And despite the previous trauma, Mrs. Pollifax is still Mrs. Pollifax and can never resist a challenge.  

This was a good read that I flew through in just a couple of hours.  I loved exploring post-Vietnam War Thailand and following Mrs. Pollifax through the jungle was entertaining.  I do wish the reveal had been a bit longer.  I love seeing Mrs. Pollifax and Carstairs interact and I missed that in this book.  Otherwise, this is a fun read with a fantastic lead character.  

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Absolutely!  I'm already looking forward to the next book.

Would I Recommend this Book?  I would recommend this book and this series.  It's really become one of my absolute favorite series.  


  1. What an interesting series. I like that this one is set in Thailand.

  2. yes I love everything Mrs. Pollifax but it's been 20 years roughly since I read every single one.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. Both my mom and my sister love all the Mrs. Pollifax books. I've only read one, but I thought it was fun. :D

  4. I haven't read this series yet, but it looks really good. I'll have to see if my library has it.

  5. Oh I like her husband is so caring of her, yet doesn't get in her road. Sounds like she is a really worthwhile character to follow.

  6. I like the Thailand setting. Gosh, I need to start this series!! I need to do the same as you and just make a year of the series and start reading all these ones that has been on my TBR for way too long.

    Glad this one was another hit for you.

    Elza Reads

  7. This series sounds really entertaining. I think that I would enjoy it!