Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday - 10 Memorable Things Agatha Christie Characters Say

Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is all about lists.  Since lists are one of my favorite things this is one of my favorite linkups!  Today's topic is Memorable Things Characters Say so of course I have to focus on memorable things my favorite Agatha Christie detectives say!

Miss Marple

1.  "The worst is so often true." - Murder with Mirrors

2.  "One so often looks at a think the wrong way round." Greenshaw's Folly

3.  "One never can be quite sure about anyone, can one?  At least that's what I've found." The Murder at the Vicarage

4.  "It's not impossible, my dear.  It's just a very remarkable coincidence - and remarkable coincidences do happen." Sleeping Murder

5.  "Whenever there is a question of gain, one has to be very suspicious.  The great thing to avoid having in any way a trustful mind." A Pocket Full of Rye

Hercule Poirot

6.  "I did not deceive you, mon ami.  At most, I permitted you to deceive yourself." The Mysterious Affair at Styles

7.  "If you would only use the brains the good God has given you.  Sometimes I really am tempted to believe that by inadvertence He passed you by." Lord Edgware Dies

8.  "I reserve the explanations for the last chapter." Evil Under the Sun

9.  "A guess is either right or wrong.  If it is right you call it an intuition.  If it is wrong you usually do not speak of it again." The ABC Murders

10. "The newspapers, they are so inaccurate.  I never go by what they say." Sad Cypress


  1. I love these! What a clever writer Ms. Christie was. My favorite is number seven.

  2. Love them all. No. 9 about a guess is right or wrong made me chuckle the most.

  3. Ooh love these! They make me want to read some Christie! I love the Vicarage one a lot. And styles. :)

  4. "One never can be quite sure about anyone, can one? At least that's what I've found."

    If you read enough mysteries, you will probably come to this conclusion. I'm not sure it's true for life, though. I hope it isn't!

  5. Ouch! #7 is brutal, but hilarious.

    Happy TTT (on a Thursday)!

  6. I love Agatha Cristie and Miss Marple in paticular. I love #1 personally, and unfortunately it is often true.

  7. My grandmother was always telling me to use the brains the good lord gave me. 😂

  8. Love this!! I so often tell the kids at school that they should really start using their little grey cells. My favorite Poirot saying!

    Elza Reads