Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Fall Cozy Mysteries On My TBR with Titles That Make Me Laugh


1.  One Foot in the Grape by Carlene O'Neil -I'm not really a wine drinker but I love the look of this series involving a winery and I love the title!

2.  Prose and Cons by Amanda Flower - This magical bookshop mystery series is on my TBR but I can never resist any kind of literary or bookish pun title.

3.  Sealed with a Kill by Lucy Lawrence - I haven't heard of this series but it sounds delightful and I love this title!

4.  The Cider Shop Rules by Julie Anne Lindsey - I've really enjoyed the first two books in this series so of course I have to pick this one up!

5.  The Grim Steeper by Amanda Cooper - The play on the Grim Reaper always makes me giggle and of  course this book is set in a tea shop.  

6.  The Pint of No Return by Ellie Alexander - I love the title and I love this author and can anything feel more fall then an Oktoberfest?

7.  Til Dirt Do Us Part by Edith Maxwell - I love this title and this is a series that I have on my TBR.

8.  A Killer Maize by Paige Shelton - This is a series that I own most of but haven't read much from.  I need to pick it back up and either get through the series or decide it isn't worth the shelf space!  

9.  Bake, Borrow, and Steal by Ellie Alexander - Another book from Ellie Alexander though in a different series but one of my favorites.  This one doesn't come out until next year and I can't wait!

10.  Hooked on Ewe by Hannah Reed - Another series on my TBR and another one where the title cracked me up!

Do you have any fall themed books on your TBR? 


  1. These sound like some fun cozies. I like the title: One Foot in the Grape LOL

  2. I love the titles, very funny. I love cozies but rarely read them, don't even know why.

  3. You have a great cozy TBR and those really are fun titles.

  4. Autumn seems like such a good time to read a cozy! :)

  5. Great titles - so clever. I am always amazed at how they come up with the titles. Yes The Grim Steeper made me smile too.

  6. I subscribe to three or four discount ebook emails and I get a kick out of so many of the cozy titles. 😆 Thanks for sharing these. 😃

    It's Sci-Fi Month, so no fall themed books on my TBR. 😐 I hate that it's in November. When the weather changes to chilly, I want Fantasy! 😏

  7. I love the titles! Our book club is charged with choosing a cozy Christmas mystery. I wish someone would make a list of their favorites (maybe with helpful links to buy-sites)!

  8. These are hilarious! I especially love #1. I also really like the Alexander series and am eagerly awaiting the newest installment.