Thursday, November 18, 2021

Once Upon a Wardrobe - Historical Fiction Review

Goodreads: Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan

Rating: Loved It!
Source:   Publisher

Description:  Megs Devonshire is brilliant with numbers and equations, on a scholarship at Oxford, and dreams of solving the greatest mysteries of physics.

She prefers the dependability of facts—except for one: the younger brother she loves with all her heart doesn’t have long to live. When George becomes captivated by a copy of a brand-new book called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and begs her to find out where Narnia came from, there’s no way she can refuse.

Despite her timidity about approaching the famous author, Megs soon finds herself taking tea with the Oxford don and his own brother, imploring them for answers. What she receives instead are more stories . . . stories of Jack Lewis’s life, which she takes home to George.

Why won’t Mr. Lewis just tell her plainly what George wants to know? The answer will reveal to Meg many truths that science and math cannot, and the gift she thought she was giving to her brother—the story behind Narnia—turns out to be his gift to her, instead: hope.

Genre: Fiction - Historical

Why I Picked This Book:  Not going to lie - that cover is mostly what pulled me in but The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is one of my favorite books.

My Impression:   I loved this book.  I'm not really much of  a book collector or one who has book hangovers but by the time I finished this book I knew I needed to own a physical copy to sit on my shelf and that I was going to need to process this story.  It's a truly wonderful story that pulled me in right from the beginning and I loved it more and more every page.  As the parent of a child with severe health issues I was worried that this story would be too much for me.  However, it's such a story of hope and healing and magic that it wasn't an issue.  My only negative is that Megs and George aren't real because I want to know more about them and spend more time with them.

I don't want to say too much about this story because I want you to read it and discover it for yourself!  This is one of those books that not only do I want to own but it's one that probably most of my family will be receiving as Christmas gifts because I want everyone to read it.  This is the first book I've read by Patti Callahan but I now want to read anything that she has written.  This will easily be in my Top Ten Books of the year.  

Would I Read More of this Series/Author? Absolutely!  Just based off of this book this author will be an autobuy for me.
Would I Recommend this Book? Yes!  Go read it!  If you can try the audio book because the narrator does a wonderful job with the accents.  

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  As always my opinions and impressions are completely my own. *


  1. I have this one and now I really want to read it. I admit the cover is what attracted me at first too.

  2. I've added this book to my TBR just last night and now that I've read your review, I am going to order it from the bookshop.

    Happy weekend Katherine!

    Elza Reads

  3. Oh I am delighted to hear the magic of this book carried you away too. Like you I loved the cover and after reading it had to buy my own copy to sit on the shelf. I was a little worried about George being so sick so happy to know the warmth of the story made it not an issue. It's one I'll want to reread and absorb a little more in the future.