Friday, November 12, 2021

Friday Fives - Five Mini Reviews for Books I've Read Lately

I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual Friday Linkups to try something a little different.  I'm in a list making kind of mood so I thought I'd start making random five lists.  Sometimes they'll be bookish other weeks not so much.  Today I'm sharing 5 short reviews for some random books I've read recently.

Legacy by Nora Roberts
- Adrian Rizzo has been in the public eye since even before birth as her mother built her fitness empire while pregnant.  When she is 7 she has a life changing trauma and at 17 she begins to figure out what she wants and do it her own way.  Unfortunately, there is someone watching from the shadows.  This is one of Roberts' romantic suspense stand alones and I really enjoyed listening to this one.  I'm on the fence on whether or not I'd want to be friends with Adrian but I did like her independence and her confidence in herself and her vision.  I loved the friendships and community Roberts developed in Traveler's Creek and how she dealt with Raylan's past life.  I liked that his marriage had been happy and we were shown him getting some closure.  This is a light fast paced romantic suspense that I really enjoyed.  January Lavoy did a fabulous job with the narration and I thoroughly enjoyed the listen.  *Slight Spoiler*  No dog is hurt in the book!  I had some tense moments but the dogs are fine.  My Rating:  Really Liked It!

The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffith -
When a high school English teacher at a school that was once the home of famed Gothic writer R.M. Holland is found murdered coworker Clare Cassidy is drawn into a web of lurking danger that might have her at the center.  This was an interesting premise.  We get several POVs - Clare, detective Harbinder Kaur, and Clare's daughter Georgia, as well as excerpts from the short story by R.M. Holland that Clare frequently teaches from.  At the beginning I didn't love this one.  Clare is okay but Harbinder is the absolute worst.  As the story goes on the mystery pulled me farther and farther in until I was just sitting and listening anxious to see what would happen next.  There's lots of Gothic elements though they are a bit more window dressing then actually influencing how the story plays out.  The audio was well down with different voices for the different POVs.  I wasn't quite sure just how everything was going to resolved until the very end.  I wasn't sure at first but after finishing it I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.  My Rating: Really Liked It

The Vanishing by Jayne Ann Krentz -
Catalina Lark and her friend Olivia Dayton are making their own way in a detective firm in Seattle after witnessing a murder as children in their hometown of Fogg Lake.  But when Olivia goes missing and a mysterious man named Slate Trevelyan with a mysterious aura shows up and Catalina finds herself facing the demons she's been running from most of her life to find her friend and uncover the secrets of her hometown.  I always enjoy Krentz's books.  They usually don't stick with me but they're such fun to read.  This was no exception except for the fact that it is way more supernatural then I expected.  There are auras, psychics and secret organizations all running around which make for an exciting and interesting read.  While I thought her more paranormal books were typically under written under her Castle name this proved for a surprising and entertaining read.   I listened to this one and the narration was well done and the story was well paced.  I'm looking forward to reading more from this series.  My Rating:  Really Liked It!

Pumpkins in Paradise (TJ Jensen Mystery #1) by Kathi Daley
 - I rolled a Kathi Daley book in my TBR roulette and since I couldn't find that one anywhere I went with the first in this series which I've been wanting to read for awhile.  TJ is a high school soccer coach who has recently gotten custody of her two grade school half-sisters after the death of her estranged mother.  When a close friend of her dies TJ is convinced that all is not what it seems.  There is a LOT going on in this book especially given how short it is.  There are a ton of characters and most have relatively complicated relationships.  As well there is a mystery to solve, a lodge to run, sisters to deal with, new deputies to get to know, festivals to run, and high schoolers to coach.  I felt a bit like I got dropped into an ongoing series and was scrambling to catch up for quite awhile.  Once I got used to all the characters and the concept I did end up enjoying it though it isn't the most memorable of books.  I'll probably pick up more of this series but it won't be at the top of my list.  My Rating: Liked It

Pulp Friction by Julie Anne Lindse
y - I listened to the first book in this cozy mystery series involving Winnie, her grandmother and the family orchard and really enjoyed it so now that fall is starting to make its appearance here it seemed like the perfect time to pick up the second book.  Winnie is excited when her newly opened cider shop holds its first event - a barn style wedding - but less excited when then reception ends with the groom being run over and killed by the vintage truck that the happy couple was supposed to make their exit.  When Winnie's ex-boyfriend Hank is the primary suspect she is drawn into the investigation.  The mystery is full of red herrings and kept me guessing.  I like the characters in this book - especially Winnie and her relationship with her grandmother.  As well, Winnie's best friend Dot and her penchant for rescuing animals and landing them on Winnie is always entertaining.  My only issue is relationship between Winnie and Colton.  I wish they'd just talk to each other!  I'm looking forward to listening to the 3rd book and any future books in the series.  My Rating: Really Liked It!

What have you read lately?


  1. I love the cover for Pumpkins in Paradise. 🎃

  2. Well I've read the Roberts and Krentz and I own the Griffiths one. Glad to see you enjoyed them.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. I really enjoyed Legacy! Adrian goes through so much in that story. The Vanishing looks really familiar and I wonder if I might have a copy hiding on my shelves. All of these books sound great!

  4. Oh my you are travelling through the books. Funnily enough just before I cam blog visiting I had decided to listen to The Legacy next. It was time! I don't in the least mind you bit about the "no dogs were harmed". I like to know that, it makes my mind at rest as I listen.