Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A Hodge Podge of Reviews - Cozy Mystery Edition

Goodreads:  Have a Deadly New Year by Lynn Cahoon

Premise:  Angie and crew are catering a New Year's Eve dinner at a rock star's house when they are hit with a blizzard and murder.

My Thoughts:  This isn't my favorite series from Lynn Cahoon but this novella was a fun read.  All the characters are a bit out of their element and dropped into a bubbling stew of long simmering problems.  This novella was a fun read and a quick one and a good way to meet the characters.  While this will probably never become my favorite series this novella did encourage me to pick up the next full length book in the series.  My Rating:  Liked It

Goodreads:  Death on the Page (Castle Bookstore Mysteries #2) by Essie Lang

Premise:  A true crime writer is found dead in a secret passage in Blye Castle former home of a famous Prohibition mobster and now a museum and a bookstore.  Suspects, missing items, and clues abound.

My Thoughts:  This is a fun cozy mystery series.  There are two bookstores at the center of the book and the small town community has a waterfront feel that I really enjoyed.  As well, the setting in the castle was fabulous and I only wish we had learned more about it.  I hold out hope for future books.  I wasn't shocked by the reveal but it was interesting to see it all come together.  This is a series I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from.  With the victim being a writer and many of the suspects being somehow involved in writing I really enjoyed all the bookish talk.  My only real issue was that I listened to this on audio and I really disliked the narration done by Teri Reeves.  I found her spacing odd and her voices either quavering or robotic.  I've never really had a strong dislike for a narrator before but I will be avoiding her work in the future.  I tried every speed available and couldn't find any that worked.  If you enjoy bookish cozies this is a fun series but I recommend skipping the audio version.

Goodreads:  Microphones and Murder (Podcasting Sisters #1) by Erin Huss

Premise:  A former sound engineer for a very popular podcast strikes out on her own with her sister.  As they tackle a 10 year old missing person case they quickly get over their heads.

My Thoughts:  This is such a fabulous concept and it totally lived up to my expectations.  The premise allows the main characters, Liv and Camry to get involved with cases they are in no way connected with personally and gives them a bit of credibility to investigate.  And for their first case they picked a good one!  A missing persons case with lots of unknowns and all kinds of sinister possibilities that all come to light in a compelling don't want to put down mystery.  This also had one of my very favorite plot devices - the putting together of a team.  Anytime there is a crew or a team or a group that is investigating I'm here for it and this group was a lot of fun.  I especially liked the relationship between Liv and Camry and the growth there was there and Hazel might just be one of my favorite side character ever.  This is such a fun read that you must try if you enjoy cozy mysteries.  My Rating:  Really Liked it!


  1. They sound good especially the last one. I don't know how you persevered with the audio, some thing like you describe really can spoil the story.

  2. I wish I could get into the audio books but I am always talking to Doug or we are walking together. Seems I can make time for a book or Kindle. I like a series so I am happy this is working out for you.
    We have thunderstorms today, we needed rain, so I guess I am in for the day. May as well read!

  3. The Lang series sounds fun. I'll have to give it a try.

  4. I have the Lang and Huss books on my list to read. They look good. I haven't read the Farm to Fork series, yet, but I do love Lynn Cahoon's Tourist Trap mysteries.

  5. A great narrator can really make a book but it can work the other way as well. All of these books sound like they were good reads. I really like the sound of Microphones and Murder!

  6. It is so hard when you stumble upon narrators you don't like. I find increasing the speed helps, but there are a few that I simply read instead.

  7. I still need to read A Deadly New Year, it's not my favorite either but its growing on me a bit as the series continues. The other two I don't know but they sound good! :)

  8. These all sound good, but I especially want to read Essie Lang's book (I'll make sure to avoid the audio) and Huss's.