Sunday, June 10, 2018

This Week in Reading - June 10

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Set the Night on Fire by Laura Trentham - This sounds like a fun contemporary romance.  Ella is looking for some healing after a failed marriage and invests in a garage that specializes in antique cars.  Sparks and banter ensue (I'm guessing).  (Publisher)

Dune Drive by Mariah Stewart - This is the latest in the Chesapeake Diaries series which I've had very mixed results with.  However, I've really loved her books about the Hudson Sisters so I'm hoping this will be one I love.  (Publisher)

Caroline by Sarah Miller - I adored the Little House on the Prairie books as a child so I'm very excited to read this book about Laura's mother.  (Blog Tour)

Buried in Books by Kate Carlisle - I just read and really enjoyed the previous book in the Bibliophile series so I was excited to see this newest one arrive.  (Publisher)

In Peppermint Peril by Joy Avon - Honestly I know nothing about this except it's a cozy mystery set in a shop that sells books AND tea.  I couldn't resist.  (NetGalley)


Reading:  I'm almost done with Shadow in the Woods by J.P. Choquette and just starting Heaven Adjacent by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Listening:  A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman had to go back to the library before I finished it but I'm on

 the list to get it back.  I'm liking it more than I was but I wouldn't call it a favorite or at least not yet.  Until then I'll be listening to Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout

Watching:  I gave up on Lost in Space (the Netflix version).  It's really good and very well done but it has too much character development for me.  I was getting very stressed.  My husband is still watching it and says it's great but he thinks I'd like the original series better which runs more towards hijinks.  I've been watching The Joel McHale Show on Netflix to pass the time and am enjoying it.  It's like The Soup but he can swear a bit more.

Off the Blog:

This week we reveled in the laziness.  For the most part the Tornado and I just stayed at home.  We played some video gams and went to the library a few times.  He did get one book read and I found a book called Bookstore Cats that he loved looking through.  He does have a stack of books that he's planning on reading including the graphic novel version of The Wrinkle of Time.  He also had 2 tennis lessons this week and he's really loving it.  This coming week he has Space Camp which he's really looking forward to but is going to be seriously tired boy afterwards!

I've been getting some reading done and actually really enjoying the act of reading which has been nice.  I had a few months where I was enjoying what I was reading but I never wanted to read.  Hoping I well and through that phase!

My current project is helping J find books.  He's wanting to read more fiction but gets frustrated with the "every woman wants him/every man wants to be him" kinds of characters.  He's enjoyed old Tom Clancy and those kinds of authors but doesn't like when the characters become too much of a franchise if that makes any sense.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Topic wise he's pretty willing to try anything - war, adventure, science fiction - but prefers characters that run a bit introspective.  

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday:  Body in the Ballroom - Historical Mystery Review
Tuesday:  Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Books That Make Me Want to Travel
Wednesday:  Ain't She a Peach - Contemporary Romance Review
Thursday: Shadow in the Woods - Mystery Review
Friday: Friday Linkups with Current Book
Saturday:  A Just Clause - Cozy Mystery Review

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Sounds like you're busy at the moment! I can't think of any suggestions for books, but I'm sure others will have great ideas. Enjoy your week :)

  2. We were so busy this past year that I kind of gave up on shows, but I need to get back to the ones I missed and find some new favorites. My friends have recommended a few on Netflix, so we'll see. I hope you do enjoy your reading and wanting to read. Slumps are hard. And good luck finding books!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings

  3. I gave up on Lost in Space too, around episode 5. I was just getting bored with the whole robot thing, and the constant scheming by Dr. Smith- I mean, does she have nothing better to do than constantly scheming and smirking? Ugh. I like the casting though, and it is done well.

    Yay for your reading mojo being back. :) And relaxing weeks are nice. I wonder if J would like the City of the Lost series by Kelley Armstrong? They're not her usual UF and the protags Casey and Eric are adults- it's not like YA. They're kinda gritty. I love the northern Canadian setting. How about Dark Matter by Blake Crouch? It's kinda sci-fi but it's thought provoking too! Two arctic thrillers I liked were The winter Over by Matthew Iden and Zodiac Station by Tom Harper, if he likes stuff like that.

  4. I've never read or listened to anything by Elizabeth Strout. I enjoyed A Man Called Ove on audio but wouldn't go overboard on it. I think I'll listen to the second Hudson sisters book as you liked it and I liked the first one too.

  5. I have Lost in Space on my watchlist. I hope to get to it soon, but I’ve never seen the original. Your little one sounds super busy, but it does like he’s having fun. Enjoy your week.

  6. J might like The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. Did he read The Martian? 🚀

    I'm still so jealous of the Tornado and his Space Camp summers. What a fantastic thing for him to be able to do. I was a Lost in Space lunatic as a chikd, ha ha. I still love the original version, it's really cheezy good. I follow Bill Mumy on Facebook and hes really great about chatting with most everyone that comments. He was on the set of the new show a lot and was sharing photos on his FB page. He is really into it, although the fans who were commenting seem to be split on whether they like it or not. Some have refused to watch it out of principal. Heh heh. I think I will try to watch it. ☺

    Have a wonderful week. 🌞

  7. There's nothing wrong with relaxing and reading, and I love that your son is a reader. Mine didn't start really getting into books until AFTER he graduated from high school(lol) Hope your day is amazing! Hugs...RO

  8. Wow, nice week for you and the little guy! This is the thing I love most about Summer, when you can just "chill... kick back with an iced drink and a book out on a deck and daydream a bit,nice.

    I wish I could come up with good suggestions for J but it's hard since my hubby doesn't like to read anymore, maybe a book or two a year. He recently read The Martian because he loves sci-fi stuff. He also likes politics/DC stuff so I got him the new James Patterson/Bill Clinton title-- The President is Missing, plus the new Stephen King, The Outsiders, but so far he hasn't read any of them. I understand what you're saying, he's burned out on series like Jack Reacher. How about the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown?

    Will put my thinking cap on for you and J :)

  9. I'll add my suggestions for your husband by telling you what my husband likes to read - what about Craig Johnson's Longmire series (then there's always the TV adaptation too, which is a bit different than the books, but good), Paul Doiron (set in Maine), C.J. Box (again set in Wyoming like Longmire). Also, Gregg Hurwitz's Orphan X books and Lee Child's Reacher books. All of these are series, but very good.

    I see you're reading Shadow in the Woods by J.P. Choquette. I just got that one and want to read it soon. We watched the first Lost in Space episode last night. Jury is still out. It's interesting that the original theme song (or sort of) was used. And I am definitely old enough to remember the original. 'Danger, Will Robinson'!! Robots have definitely changed. Have a good week! Hope Space Camp goes wonderfully!

  10. Great haul! In Peppermint Peril just sounds like a fun cozy! I am not sure about book recs and I haven't read this author but has he tried W.E.B. Griffin he writes military type novels and has good ratings. It's not my genre so never read him but he was the first author to pop into my head which is weird since I haven't ever read him so that means I have seen him around alot! :) Good luck hunting him something.

    Have a great week!
    Week in Review

  11. I'm slightly jealous cause for me it was an incredibly busy week! Ooh, the graphic novel version of The Wrinkle in Time? I'm loving all the attention that classic has been getting. And I would be excited about Space Camp too :)
    Enjoy yur week!

    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks

  12. I read My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout, but haven't yet read Anything Is Possible. I was pondering Olive Kitteridge, as I enjoyed the mini-series.

    I am looking forward to Dreams of Falling.

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  13. I have two suggestions for your husband - John Scalzi's sci fi murder mystery series Lock In - to date there are two books, Lock In and Head On. If he enjoys something a bit more quirky, Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time is a delight... No wonder Tornado is looking forward to summer camp - I hope he has a wonderful time. And you get a chance to put your feet up and relax a bit:)

  14. Space Camp sound like a lot of fun! I hope he enjoys it. And yay for enjoying reading!!! I hate when I hit those phases. Thankfully they pass.

    Have a great week!

  15. Sounds like a great week! Very much like what I have planned for my upcoming week :) Enjoying reading and relaxing is the best. Tornado seems to have lots of fun going on, I may be a tiny bit jealous! How old is he now? He seems to be older than I'm remembering!

    Have a great week!

  16. I love your week! I want to do a lazy week and just hang with the kids but I don't have any time to take off. :( I felt the same way about reading recently and finally am loving to read again, now just need to find more time!!! :)

    Have a great week, Katherine! Happy Reading!

  17. A lazy week sounds heavenly! And I love the books you got this week. In fact, I jumped over to NetGalley to check a few of them out. I may request In Peppermint Peril...

    I'm sure the Tornado will enjoy Space Camp. What a great concept!

    Book ideas for J... Has he read The Martian? And if he doesn't mind slightly older books, the early and mid-career novels by Dick Francis are generally pretty good. I recommend The Danger, The Edge, Nerve, and the 2-book series of Break In and Bolt as good places to start. Also High Stakes, Risk, In the Frame, Flying Finish... I'm a bit of a Dick Francis fan, can you tell? Just don't start with the books he wrote with his son Felix, or the ones Felix wrote on his own; they're OK but not as good as the earlier ones (which his wife helped with, though she's not credited.)

  18. Sometimes it's good just to relax at home! I love lazy weeks and won't see one again till August! Have a wonderful week of reading.

    Mary my #Sunday Roundup #22!

  19. You sound like me...I don't know anything about In Peppermint Peril but when I saw it on NetGalley, I couldn't resist. It looks like another good series. I loved the new Lost In Space. I loved the old one too :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  20. Your new books sound like fun, Katherine! I hope you enjoy them all. I am glad Tornado is enjoying the tennis lessons! I enjoy playing tennis, although I am terrible at it. LOL We haven't introduced Mouse to it yet. She has her hands full with dance. She seems to really enjoy it--which is good since it's costing us a lot of money! Haha I hope you have a great week!

  21. I need to read more stuff by Elizabeth Strout. I’ve read some of her short stories and loved them. Good luck with finding books for J. Have a good week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  22. I remember when I was a little girl and out of school for the summer. My mother would take me to the library and I'd come home with a pile of books to read. It was the best feeling and a treasure memory I love revisiting:) So happy the tornado is enjoying books too.

    My Sunday Post

  23. I absolutely loved A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman on audio. I even bought the original movie with subtitles. I hope you are loving it.

  24. It sounds like you've been busy! I'm about to sign up the Littles ones for the summer reading program so we can do the activities they usually have planned.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  25. Space Camp sounds like a lot of fun! I bet your son will have a fantastic time with it. A lazy week sounds so good. I wish I could have one of those :) I wonder if J would like the Peter Ash series by Nick Petrie. The main character is pretty kick ass but is dealing with PTSD from his time in the military. I think it is well done and there are only 3 books so far so it might be worth a shot.

  26. Wow! You sure had a busy week! Hope your kids enjoy their books!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays and Cover Spotlight!

  27. I listened to Ove and have to say it grew on me after a bit. Hope you can get back to it soon!

  28. A week of lazing about sounds pretty awesome. Yay for enjoying reading again. I finally am in that space again, too. It's so nice! Hope yall are able to find a good series for J.

  29. Katherine I fully relate to the love the books your reading, but not getting motivated to even commence the reading. I think I'm currently in that department after forcing to finish some mediocre for review books.

    Glad your no longer there though 😁 have a great week!

  30. I need to get back into my reading. I was on holiday for a week and each night I was too tired to read!

  31. I hope you end up getting Ove back. I tell you, I shed a tear at the end :-) So funny as I didn't like the start of the book. I am way older than you and remember the original Lost in Space show. Haven't seen the new version.

    Books for J - my husband like Jack Reacher and recently he started a Robert Galbraith book, The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. He has laughed out loud and made comments about how he likes the main character so, I'm glad of that as I recommended the book. You also can't go wrong with Tana French and the Dublin Murder Squad!

  32. I watched the movie version of Wrinkle in Time on the plane coming home. I felt like it was just meh. No video can ever measure up to the book for me!

  33. Glad you are enjoying reading again! I had a phase like that so I get it. I want to read/listen to A Man Called Ove this year. Hope you enjoy your new books and have a great week!

  34. Sometimes you just need a little laziness in your life, and if summer isn't for that, then what is?! I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying the act of reading again, that definitely makes the entire reading process - whether what you're reading is good or bad! It sounds like you had some great incoming titles this week. Happy reading & a lovely week to you!

  35. Cute that you're helping your husband find books; ever check out the lists on Goodreads? I'm interested in reading your review about that book with the woman buying into the antique cars garage; I hope there are bantering sparks. Yay for another tennis lover.