Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Year of More Relaxed Reading - Series List

 I'll admit - I over-planned in 2022.  I had to many lists and too many plans and ended up sabotaging myself a bit.  This year I'm planning on being a bit more relaxed and focusing on books I'm really excited to read.  I'm still going to be working through my library list, clearing off my shelves, and catching up on series but keeping the list numbers a bit lower.  For catching up on series this is a bit easier as I'm always in the mood for a cozy mystery and those are most of the genre that have long running series I'm trying to catch up on!  Here's my list of series (and next to read) for the beginning of 2023.

1.  Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews - I have absolutely loved the most recent books in this very long running series.  Apparently I read this book years and years ago but I don't remember it so therefore it doesn't count.

2.  This Old Homicide by Kate Carlisle  - I've enjoyed the later books in this series and I liked the first book so now I just need to finish the books in the middle.

3.  Pecan Pies and Homicides by Ellery Adams - This is a series I'm a bit meh about.  I liked the first book but didn't love the second.  I'm going to read all the books in this series that are currently on my shelf and make a decision from there.

4. Beyond a Reasonable Stout by Ellie Alexander - I love Alexander's Bake Shop Mysteries and am loving this series about a micro-brewer and can't wait to continue it.

5.  Killer Keepsakes by Jane K. Cleland - I really enjoy this series about an antique store owner in New Hampshire.  

6.  Assault and Pepper by Leslie Budewitz - I really enjoyed this author's Food Lover's Village series and am super excited about this series set in a spice shop.

7.  Verse and Vengeance by Amanda Flower - I'm really enjoying this series about a magical bookshop and am looking forward to reading the last few books.

8.  Bookman Dead Style by Paige Shelton - Somehow I read the first book and the third book but never read the second book about this three book series set in a typewriter shop.  

9.  Here Today, Gone Tamale by Rebecca Adler - I don't know that much about this series other then that it's set in a Mexican restaurant in Texas and that sounds amazing.

10.  The Twelve Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen - This is another series that I've read the later books but not the earlier books and I'm really looking forward to getting caught up with the middle books!

What series are you hoping to get caught on this year?


  1. I'm reading from the Kindle and shelf right now. Starting with Jane Harper's book The Survivors, which I had negelected on my Kindle. Her new book is coming out soon and it picks up the Aaron Falk series so I want to read that.

    Lots of physical books on my shelf to attack too!

  2. Relaxed reading is my plan for 2023 as well. I haven't even looked at a reading challenge. I have a few in mind, but will worry about it all next week!

  3. I really like the idea of a more relaxed reading year. Sounds like a smart way to really enjoy your reading. I like the Alexander series as well. It's one of the few series I'm actually caught up on, too! I'm hoping to start the Flower series this year as well.

  4. More relaxed reading - yes, I think we can all subscribe to that. What is it about us that we tend to 'overthink' and 'overplan' our reading? We're not in school anymore. Ha! Enjoy the Donna Andrews book. I think I've read that first one several times and it's quite funny. I enjoyed the latest this last year, but I've decided not to worry about 'catching up' - so many books....

  5. LOL! I just came here from going through my '23 book list and deleting some. I have a bad habit of over doing it where reading is involved (challenges too), especially since '20. You'd think I'd have a lot more time to read since I haven't been going places as I used to but it didn't work out that way. I plan to focus more this year on books and posting.

  6. Yay to a more relaxed reading year!

  7. All the best with the series chosen. It is so relaxing - reading, yet I think we all feel pressured by the amount of great reads we can choose from.

  8. I have a few books that I hope to get to along with some review commitments but I hope to be able to do more mood reading as well. I am planning to read the Charley Davidson books and some of the JD Robb books.