Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Auto-Buy Authors

Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is all about lists.  This week's Top Ten list is about Auto-Buy Authors.  I'm bad about having Auto-Buy Authors and then not reading them and letting quite a collection stack up.  There's been a time or two (or more) that I've decided an author is the one for me then proceeded to buy all of their books without actually trying them.  And then of course I discover I can't stand their books.  These are not those authors!

1.  Kate Morton - I just finished my 4th Kate Morton and I can safely say that I will buy anything she comes out with.  I love the world she creates and the family secrets that are always hidden in the stories.

2.  Nora Roberts - I've been reading Nora Roberts for years and I will pick up anything by her as soon as I see them.  Plus, I loved her response to the whole plagiarism scandal that blew up a few months ago which made me appreciate her even more.

3.  Sabrina Jeffries - Jeffries is a romance author I trust.  No matter what the plot is (including secret child) I trust her to make it work and so far she has never let me down.

4.  Jill Shalvis - When I start a new Shalvis book I know it's going to be fun and entertaining with the occasional darker topic addressed.  There's usually going to be a dog who will also be fantastic.

5.  Emilie Richards - Richards is another author I've been reading for years and I love how she handles complicated relationships.  Her latest book had a touch of suspense to it that I absolutely loved and I will always pick up a book of hers.

6.  Katherine Reay - I've actually only read one book by this author but I loved it so much she made the list on the strenght of that alone!

7.  Laura Lee Guhrke - Another author I've been reading for years and I really feel like she's a bit neglected in the historical romance genre.  Her books always have great characters and are thoroughly enjoyable with an occasional unique twist.

8.  Jenn McKinlay - I adore McKinlay's cozy mysteries and I discovered I loved her contemporary romance as well so if I see a book by her I read it!

9.  Jenny Colgan - I've known about Colgan for years but she only recently made this list with her trilogy (fingers crossed there are more to come) set on the Isle of Muir off the coast of Scotland.

10. Hazel Gaynor - I'm still pretty new to Gaynor but what I've read I've loved.  Her covers are always stunning and her blurbs always catch my interest.

Who are some of your auto buy authors?


  1. Oh those Muir novels - I love them. I did enjoy her latest too, set in Scotland but not Muir though! Nora Roberts is on my list too and Emilie R. Jill Shalvis used to be there. I need to read that Katherine Reay book too, maybe she will then make my list.

  2. McKinlay is a cozy author I want to try at some point, and Colgan's books always look cute and fun as well.

  3. Nora Roberts shows up on quite a few lists. 👍✨

  4. I've certainly seen these authors mentioned on your blog. I love seeing a new release by a favourite author!

  5. These authors are 100% reliable, and that’s important to me. I want to read good books, and one way to do that is to pick good authors, I think. Thanks for sharing your list.

  6. Kate Morton is a definitely auto-buy author for me. Even though I didn't absolutely love her last one, I've ADORED all her others. And even a not-as-good Morton novel is better than a novel by other authors, you know? I also just discovered Emilie Richards. Jenny Colgan is another new discovery -- I've read and loved two of her books.

  7. Probably Laurie Forest and I really am liking Meghan March right now.