Saturday, July 6, 2019

2019 Reading Recap - 2nd Quarter (Halfway Done!)

So once a quarter I like to revisit the resolutions I made at the end of the year.  Partly for encouragement, partly because there is not much I love than tracking data, and the rest to make sure I didn't forget a resolution which very much happened this time around.  I blame the year itself because somehow it got left on fast forward.  I mean how could we be halfway through all ready???

1.  Read 200 Books in 2019 - I changed this to 150 and I'm currently at 67 so a few books behind but not so far behind I can't catch up.

2.  Complete the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge (here) and the Read Christie 2019 Challenge (here) - I'm doing okay here.  I've made some progress on the Agatha Christie challenge and though I haven't made any on the MMD challenge I feel like I'm still in good shape.  

3.  Read 4 Nonfiction Books - After reading a true crime book back in April and a book of journal entries that was hiding on my TBR for ages my total stands at 3.  I think I can easily read 1 more this year to make this goal.

4.  Read 10 Books I Already Own -I'm doing pretty good here though I don't have the exact count.  This last month I've been doing a lot of rereads and thoroughly enjoying them!

5.  Make Progress On Series I've Enjoyed But Neglected - Read 5 off of this list - I've completely neglected this one this quarter.  Definitely need to catch up!

6.  Read at least half the books this list and this list -  Same as above.  Definitely need to focus here!

7.  Read 4 Classics - or at least books I have deemed classics - I hadn't read any in the first quarter but I made up for it here by listening to Sense and Sensibility and A Study in Scarlet.  Two more and goal completed and I definitely think I can make it!

8.  Try 10 new cookbooks either purchased or from the library. - I've done 3 but have come to a screeching halt.  I just got a couple of new ones from the library that I'm really looking forward to trying so I'm hoping to get back to cooking soon.

 How have you done with your reading goals so far in 2019? 


  1. My Goodreads Challenge is set to 200 and I've been behind on it all year! I was going to look at dropping it down to 150 but I'm slowly closing the gap so I'll leave it a bit longer! I'm 9 behind but have three shortish books that I plan to read today which should help!

  2. You certainly are being hard on yourself here with these challenge demands ;)

    At least you're enjoying your way through them and doing pretty well. The MMD challenge list looks quite doable to me, but now that it's July I don't think I'll start it, maybe in January. My only "challenge" right now, and I say that loosely because I'm okay whether I make it or not, is to read 100 books again this year. I usually go over that number with a spree of holiday books and historical mysteries being my go-to in December. I'm 51/100 right now. Enjoy your books, Katherine!

  3. I like your recap, it’s good to revisit the goals we set. I did abysmally on my Wordless Wednesday.
    I still have having trouble reading with these drugstore readers. I miss reading so will be happy when I get a new prescription. The surgery went well and I’m healing well but I need a proper prescription.

    I have been doing what you suggested and tackling books I own, both physical books and those 9n Kindle, The cookbooks are easy!

  4. I somehow failed to realize that the year is half over! Oh my. You are doing fabulously well, I think. You set the bar high at the beginning of the year, and you are keeping up with all of the challenges you set for yourself. Good job!

  5. I don't know if I will have time to do a half way post for the year. We'll see. It's such a packed month for us. It looks like you are doing great this year. Here's to a great second half of 2019!

  6. You are doing really well, its good to make goals and reach for the stars even if we don't quite make it we still make progress. Ouch to half way through the year, going too fast! Listening to classics is a really good way to go I think.

  7. You are doing great! My one failure every year seems to be reading one Newbery winner a month. I have read zero so far this year. 😛