Saturday, December 8, 2018

This Week in REading - December 9

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

The Last Lie by Alex Lake - I'm really excited about this psychological thriller.  I wanted to read the previous book by Lake and this one looks even better.  (Publisher)

Coming Home to the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson - I couldn't resist the title so of course I had to pick this one up!  (Publisher)

The Christmas Chronicle by Nigel Slater - This is part cookbook and part collection of essays and I'm looking forward to flipping through this one.  (Publisher)

Montauk by Nicola Harrison - I have been loving historical fiction lately and this one sounds absolutely gorgeous.  (Publisher) 

The Optimist's Guide to Letting Go by Amy E. Reichert - The blurb appealed to me and I've been wanting to read this author for ages.  (from Lala in the Library)


Reading:  Not the Duke's Darling by Elizabeth Hoyt and Christmas on the Island by Jenny Colgan

Listening:  I just finished Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan which I really enjoyed and am trying to decide what to listen to next.

Watching:  I caught up on NCIS: New Orleans.  I didn't enjoy most of last season but I've really been enjoying this season.  I've also been watching the reboot of Magnum, PI which isn't great but is entertaining me.  Though now I really want to rewatch the original.

Off the Blog:

Thanks for all the well wishes for my pity party last week.  Too funny how many of you thought I had cut my finger off!  It definitely put having to have my ring cut off into perspective.  This week we've gotten the money back, I have my new card, my ring is at the repair shop, and I'm actually feeling like a human being again even if it's a fairly exhausted human!

We got our Christmas decorations up last weekend and I'm really enjoying seeing all my things again.  I'm in South Mississippi this weekend visiting my grandparents for my grandmother's 90th birthday so I'll be catching up with you tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get back into my good commenting habits very soon!

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday:  Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets - Historical Mystery Review
Tuesday:  Top Ten Tuesday Freebie
Wednesday: I'll Be Your Blue Sky - Fiction Review
Thursday:  Not the Duke's Darling - Historical Romance Review
Friday: Friday Linkups with Current Book
Saturday: TBD

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Ooh The Last Lie looks awesome. And happy birthday to your grandmother!! Hope you have a great visit!

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandmother! I've always wanted to watch the New Orleans version of NCIS but never started it. 😅

  3. Chuckling over "the cut off finger". So happy you loved listening to Endless Beach, one of those times the listening experience is so good. Good you are feeling better. Long live your grandmother.

  4. Pass on my regards to your grandmother. And I am glad your week has become better. Have a good week ahead.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  5. I'm glad this has been a better week for you! Have a good time at the birthday party!

  6. I need to check out The Last Lie it looks good! I don't even want to watch the remake of Magnum the guy is so totally not a Magnum. :(

    Enjoy your trip to visit your grandparents!
    Week in Review

  7. I missed your post last week and had to go back to read about your ring and then the comments, very funny. Hope your finger is feeling all better and sorry about your card that happened to us this year and it was such a pain in the neck. Hope you have a wonderful time with your grandparents! Happy birthday to your grandma!

    Have a great week, Katherine! Happy Reading!

  8. The Last Lie is definitely going on my list...and so is Endless Beach, as I've enjoyed other books by the author.

    Have a great week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  9. NCIS used to be one of my favorite shows, but I never saw the New Orleans spinoff. I saw them when they did a crossover, but that wasn't very often. I liked the team, but never took the time to watch it! I'm sad that all of my old favorites have left the show, but they HAVE been doing it for a very long time. Good luck with your reads this week!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  10. Happy birthday to your grandma! That's wonderful that you still have her around to love and visit with. I'm glad you're feeling better physically and emotionally, even if you're still tired.

    I love the title of The Optimist's Guide to Letting Go, but I thought it was a self-help book until I looked it up on Goodreads!

    Have a great week, and enjoy your new books.

  11. I have yet to get my decorations up, but congrats on getting yours! And happy birthday to your grandma. Coming Home to the Comfort Food Cafe definitely sounds like a book I have to have!

  12. I'm glad it's a better week. I don't watch much tv but I think the original Magnum PI would be preferable to the new one, even tho it's bound to be dated.

    Enjoy your new books! Anne - Books of My Heart

  13. Sounds like you got lots of great books this week. THE LAST LIE sounds intriguing and THE COMFORT FOOD CAFE just sounds like a nice comforting read :) I'll have to check those out. MONTAUK sounds really good too.

  14. Yay for a visit with family. I hope you're having a great time!

  15. Glad you got things resolved this week but I can see why you're exhausted. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with family this week.

  16. Huge congratulations to your grandmother on making it to her 90th birthday! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and get a chance to regather your strength:). Glad to hear all last week's issues are slowly being resolved..

  17. Glad you are feeling better and got some stuff straightened out from last week. Have a great week!!

  18. The Last Lie looks really good. I have to add that to my wishlist. I still watch NCIS: New Orleans but I don't like it as much as I used to. I hope you have a great week!

  19. Coming Home To the Comfort Food Cafe is waiting for me on my Kindle too. Fingers crossed I read it this holiday period... Hope you enjoy!

  20. I did read your post twice to make sure it was just your ring that got cut off. LOL I'm glad that everything worked out. Comfort Food Cafe is one I would grab because of the title too. LOL

    My Sunday Post

  21. I'm happy you are feeling better, and Happy birthday, grandma! 🎂👑

    I hope your week is going well! 🌞