Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Signs You're In a Hallmark Christmas Movies

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted from That Artsy Reader Girl  is a freebie.  I was sick for basically the entire month of November and when I'm sick I can't read.  This meant that I ended up watching a whole lot of television.  Since my usual favorite TV shows are pretty murder heavy and not quite appropriate for my 8 year old to be watching I've been relying heavily on Hallmark movies and I'm all about the Christmas movies.  I enjoy them so this is all in good fun but there are some themes I see repeated!  Here are some signs you are in or are about to be in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

1.  Someone Close to You Has Recently Died and Left You Something - Not only are you thrown off by the death of your mother/aunt/sister/uncle/grandparent/boss/friend but you now have to deal with this unexpected inheritance which can be anything from a house to a prepaid trip to a mission that you have to fulfill.  This will of course lead you to an incredibly picturesque very Christmas-y small town and your one true love who probably is a widower with a child.

2.  You Are Very Vocal About Your Desire to Stay Single and You've Just Met a Widower With a Small Child -  This seems to be a theme this year.  A large percentage of the men have lost their spouse - but at least a year ago so it's appropriate for them to consider getting into another relationship..  The woman the widower ends up falling for is single and vows to remain so.

3.  You Have a Family Member Who is OBSESSED With Christmas - Your mother/sister/grandmother/father/grandfather loved Christmas and made an enormous deal of it with special traditions and over the top decorating.  Unfortunately, they're probably deceased at this point (see #1) and you just can't bear to celebrate this year.

4.  You Are Heading Home for the Last Christmas at Your Family Home - For whatever reason this year is the last Christmas you'll be able to spend at the family home and you're coming back for the first time of years to be there.  Mostly likely your family home is very large and very old and about to be sold.

5.  You Own a Small Business - Or end up having to unexpectedly take over management of a small business that is owned by someone close to you.  The business is usually very successful and is always in a small picturesque town that takes decorating for Christmas very seriously.

6.  You Have Recently Lost Your Job - Which of course means you have to either 1. return to the small town you're from and take a job at the family business or 2. take a job as a governess or assistant to someone connected to royalty.  I'm not sure why you can't just stay where you are and find another job in the same field but that's never mentioned as an option.

7.  You Are For Whatever Reason in Some Kind of Christmas-y Competition or Pageant - You're either baking or decorating or you drew the short straw and have to help organize the Christmas pageant (which is always shockingly well attended with sets that are just about professional).

8.  You Don't Intend to Celebrate Christmas and Intend to Spend It Alone or Traveling - Trust me things will happen, there will be hijinks and you will be snowed in or trapped somewhere that is the most Christmas-y place of all time.

9.  You're in Vermont or Location Unspecified Mountains -  These are really the only places to be and I'm pretty sure you're just tripping over adorable cabins and incredibly picturesque small towns crammed full of Christmas trees and town events.

10.  You Look Cute in Winter Hats - Specifically Red Ones - This is a requirement.  Periodically if the heroine is a redhead they will put her in green or white but there are lots of winter hats being worn and they always look adorable.  This is one of the many reasons I will never be in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Are you a Hallmark Christmas movie fan or do they make you cringe?  If you're a fan what are your favorite trends?


  1. There's something about holiday movies this time of year and just vegging out! And these are awesome. Love #1- it seems like there's ALWAYS an inheritance or whatever. and lol at #6- yes a job loss is ALWAYS a move. :) And we might as well just start calling Vermont Christmasland!

  2. I hate that last month has been filled with not feeling well, and hope thing continue to get better. You already know that I'm a hardcore fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, and while last year focused on writers and authors, this year focused on miracles, and as you mentioned going back home for some reason or other. I love when there is humor interspersed and witty conversations that are normally acted out with Lacey Chabert, and Alicia Witt, and my other fave Candace Cameron Bure who was great in A Shoe Addict. I also enjoy the theme of miracles on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, but this year they weren't as tear jerky as normal which I sort of miss. I have to admit that you've nailed everything about the movies though(lol) I'm right there with you watching, and love this post so much! Sending some healing hugs your way! RO

  3. Those are ten reasons why I never watch Christmas films! I can't be doing with films about family relationships and love interests, especially with this holiday setting vibe! I'd rather watch Aliens or Deep Blue Sea!

  4. I watch a couple during the season. I like that they are easy to watch. This top ten is so spot on!

  5. This is great and so true. I do hope you are feeling better.

  6. lol... I don't tend to watch those films - probably because they are on at the wrong time of day - I don't have the TV on until late at night! But they do sound sweet:). Thank you for this delightful list!

  7. Ha ha I love Hallmark Christmas movies! I always like the scrooge type meets a person who is Christmas crazy.

  8. Lol Katherine, you have a wicked sense of humor! Thanks for making laugh!

  9. Hahahaha, you know how much I love these! I am so jealous of people who look cute in winter hats. 😂

  10. Yes! They are all the same but I love them. Another one I see, although rare, is someone trying to close a deal on a house but ends up falling in love and living there.
    The single parent is so prevalent!

  11. That was a fun post! I ca relate to some of the ones you mentioned, especially 6 and 9.