Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Classic Holiday Movies On My To Watch List

I've been in a Christmas movie kind of mood lately and while I do love a Hallmark movie I've been craving something a little different so I'm turning to my classics.  Now I've watched It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street my share of times and while I love them I love making new to me discoveries.  Here's a few I'm planning on watching or have watched this year.

It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947) - This is a fun Christmas-y movie about a group of  WWII vets, their families, and a few other assorted characters who take up residence in the home of the 2nd richest man in the world.  It's sweet and funny with a not too heavy handed morale.  It also features a very young Alan Hale which I enjoyed greatly.

Holiday Inn (1942) - This isn't one of my favorites but I will always watch anything with Fred Astaire.  This has some gorgeous Christmas song and dance numbers.  The story itself is sweet and fairly simple so it's perfect to watch while wrapping presents.  If you look away for a few minutes or get distracted you'll be able to easily catch up.

The Bishop's Wife (1947) - I adore Cary Grant but somehow I've yet to watch this one.

The Shop Around the Corner (1940) - James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan star in this movie about pen pals who work together in real life.  Apparently the movie You've Got Mail was based off this movie.

What movies do you have on your To Watch list?


  1. Ooh nice. Cary Grant's always great. I've never seen Holiday Inn although I'm a big fan of White christmas- I read somewhere they're similar stories, I guess.

  2. Ah, I wrote a long post and it disappeared when I clicked preview, sigh... old movies are the greatest. We like to watch A Christmas Story and the original Miracle on 34th St. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Katherine!

  3. I'm with you and wouldn't mind checking out anything with the great Fred Astaire again. I'm also getting ready to be transfixed by the Hallmark Yule Log. (lol) Hugs...RO

  4. I love Holiday Inn!!! It is actually the movie that got me interested in black and white movies, before it I wouldn't watch one not even It's a Wonderful Life which I now I also love Shop Around the Corner!! :) Great list!