Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wonderous Words - One of My Favorite Words


Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite reading blogs - Elza Reads - where I keep up with the reading adventures of adorable white kitten Elza and her behind the scenes mom.  I couldn't resist linking up with this feature all about words. 

Today I'm talking about one of my most favorite words to use when describing the antics of cozy mystery characters:

Hijinks - as in boisterous fun, or zany (another activity) activities, or rowdy activity.  Usually I'm using it to describe a combination of all three.

And to use it in a sentence:

Charlotte's Angels got involved in all kinds of hijinks when they entered Sarah's cat, Elvis, in a cat show, so they could investigate misdeeds undercover.

What is one of your favorite descriptive words?


  1. Hijinks is a great word! It's right up there with tomfoolery :)

  2. Great word and what a beautiful cover! I do love that series.

  3. I need to look up this series. Made me LOL.

  4. I do believe I have read one Elvis book and now look forward to reading further hijinks of Charlie's Angels.

  5. Hijinks is a great word. We do not hear it often enough. Thanks for highlighting it.

    I love Elza Reads, too. Always a delight.

  6. Hi Katherine! Aaaah - thank you soooo much! I've had a rough week and now it's all kittens and rainbows again.

    Never heard the word Hijinks before and it's not as much a tongue twister as a spelling twister.

    Love the kitty book that you've featured as well! I will have a new Wondrous Words Wednesday up for you guys next Wednesday.

    Hope you are well and Will too!

    Elza Reads

  7. Hijinks is a great word, and I also love that cover! 🐈