Saturday, April 17, 2021

A Murder is Announced - Classic Mystery Review

Goodreads:  A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

Rating: Loved It!
Source:  Purchased

Description:  "A Murder is Announced" is a staple of crime fiction and is often considered the best of all the Miss Marple novels. The villagers of Chipping Cleghorn, including Jane Marple who is staying nearby, are agog with curiosity over an advertisement in the local gazette which reads: ‘A murder is announced and will take place on Friday October 29th, at Little Paddocks at 6.30 p.m.’ Is this a childish practical joke? Or a hoax intended to scare poor Letitia Blacklock? Unable to resist the mysterious invitation, a crowd begins to gather at Little Paddocks at the appointed time when, without warning, the lights go out…

Genre: Mystery - Classic

Why I Picked This Book:  I'm reading all of the Miss Marple books this year and this was the next one on my list.

My Impression:  Any book with Miss Marple is pretty much going to be a win for me but the fact that this one involves a murder being literally announced in a newspaper ahead of time.  And instead of a locked door murder we get the complete opposite problem - how does one commit murder in a crowded room without anyone knowing what really happened?  Luckily, Inspector Craddock, his godfather Sir Henry Clithering, and Miss Marple are on the job.  I absolutely love Sir Henry's open admiration for Miss Marple's abilities and how Miss Marple deals with that attention.  As well, Craddock's conversion to the wonders that are Miss Marple was pretty great too.  

The mystery is a lovely twisty one and Christie gives you all the clues if you are paying super sharp attention. The characters are typical small village but all entertaining and interesting and Christie makes us wonder just who might not be who they say they are.  Thankfully, this isn't one of those books where Miss Marple shows up in the last few chapters.  We have her for more then half the book and while I always want more page time for her this was a fun read.  

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Of course!  Christie is one of my absolute favorite authors and I am loving this Miss Marple read-thru.

Would I Recommend this Book?  Yes, definitely!  If you are new to Miss Marple this might be a fun one to start with.  While it doesn't take place in St. Mary Mead it has all the small village details that Christie excelled with.


  1. I watched that particular episode last month and truly enjoyed it, I can't wait to reach this novel in my Agatha Christie readthrough - so much fun when everybody pops up "innocently" at the beginning, dying of curiosity ^^

  2. I've loved the books I've read by her so far so I don't know why I'm not reading them more often.

  3. I love all the Agatha Christie books but especially Miss Marple.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  4. I love Miss Marple. I am glad you loved this one, Katherine.

  5. I love that you loved it, I am not sure I'll every read a Miss Marple, but never say never!!

  6. Sorry, I'm just not an Agatha Christie fan. I wasn't impressed with the first Miss Marple book.