Saturday, February 2, 2019

This Week in Reading - February 3

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Have You Seen Luiz Velez? by Catherin Ryan Hyde - I'm really excited about this one.  I read my first Catherine Ryan Hyde last year and really loved it.  This premise of an elderly woman and a kid struggling to fit in making a connection and going on a mission together really appeals to me.  (Little Bird Publicity)


Reading:  Finishing up No Escape Claws by Sofie Ryan but other than that having a hard time settling on something.

Listening:  I'm almost done with The Widow by Fiona Barton and have enjoyed it even though it gives me the creeps.

Watching:  We're finishing the most recent series of The Great British Bake-Off on Netflix.  This is the second season we've watched with the new cast.  While I was really hesitant about the casting change at first I've gotten where I really enjoy the new hosts especially.  They're a lot of fun.  I still love Mary, Sue, and Mel of course but I'm good with the way things are (which I know is quite a relief to BBC)

Off the Blog:

Last weekend we went to a used bookstore and I actually looked for books!  It's been so long since I've combed through a used bookstore that I had forgotten about how much fun it was.  I've kind of stopped buying books in the last few years because I have such a massive backlog.  Or if I do buy books it's either from Amazon or a new bookstore with a very specific book in mind.  So the treasure hunt feel was so much fun!  While I definitely don't need any more books I might try to make it happen every month or two for fun.

This week was a big week at the Tornado's school.  They had the Engineering Expo where lots of different people came from the different aerospace companies and students from the engineering and computer science programs at the university here in town.  They had lots of hands on exhibits and projects and all kinds of stuff.  I led a group around for most of the day and by the end felt like I could sleep for a year.  The kids had a fantastic time though.

Speaking of school the Tornado's class has been hit by flu so I'm currently lysoling everything.  What drives me crazy is the parents who send their kids to school when they clearly shouldn't.  I know sometimes you have to do what you have to do but there were two incidents that happened this week that I know enough of the situation to know that wasn't the case here.  I'm keeping a seriously watchful eye on the Tornado and the whole house will be on Tamiflu at the first sign of any kind of symptom.  

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday:  Reviews from the Children's Section - The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Tuesday:  Ten Books That Have Been On My TBR For Far Too Long
Wednesday:  No Escape Claws - Cozy Mystery Review
Thursday:  Books from the Backlog
Friday: Friday Linkups with Current Book
Saturday: TBD

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Oh, your adventure in the used bookstore reminded me of how much fun that can be. Like you said...a treasure hunt.

    I loved The Widow, followed by The Child...and this week, I read The Suspect. Enjoy them all.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. I've finally seen The Great British Bake Off and we have been enjoying it too. And I love a good ramble through a used bookstore. :)

  3. Ah yes, as a retired teacher I hated those parents who sent their kids to school sick. I have the Catherine Ryan Hyde book too, and as far as I know I haven't read her before.

  4. I love the sound of the Engineering Expo. And having to have Tamiflu is the worst. I hope it doesn't come to that.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  5. My kid's school was hit by cold/flu bug this week too. His class was hit the worse and on one of the days only 8 kids were present (out of a class of 30). It was insane. He caught it and was off but he bounced back quickly.
    Fingers crossed you manage to dodge it!

  6. I actually prefer Noel, Sandy and Prue! I just wish we didn't have all the darn adverts in it compared to no ads when it was on BBC!

  7. Hope you guys avoid the flu. We're of an age to always take a flu shot, but they don't always keep you from getting it. The Engineering Expo sounds fun. Take care and hope you have a good week! Oh, and I, of course, love treasure hunts in a used bookstore. LOL

  8. Oh the flu! It is all over our school's and my son had it already. I agree people definitely send kids in when they really shouldn't. I like the new cast n the GBBO! Have a great week!

  9. Browsing a used book store sounds like such fun. We don't have any around here, which is a bummer.

    It also drives me crazy when parents send kids to school, my daughter wasn't sick but she didn't feel good and since they had off for the cold, I decided to let her take off the next day to just rest. Which is exactly what she needed because she is feeling better now. Sometimes it just take a day of rest to get them back on their feet but the Flu is completely different story. Lysol is always my friend during sick season.

    I hope you have an awesome week, Katherine! Happy Reading! xx

  10. Oh I completely agree about children being sent to school when they're clearly sick - it's so very unfair. On the poor child... the other children AND the staff! I know what you mean about the joy of hunting through books for treasure - but like you, we have faar too many books anyway!

  11. So sad to hear about Tornado's class under the weather. I worked for many years in elementary schools and there were always some parents that sent the kids no matter their illness. Sometimes it was less-affluent folks who couldn't miss work and didn't have a babysitter and we would allow them to sleep in our clinic, but we also called parents if the child seemed contagious and asked for someone to pick them up.

    I'm interested in the Catherine Ryan Hyde as I've read a few by her. My favorite was Pay It Forward. And I agree with you, scouring used bookstores is like a treasure hunt and even if I don't need any more books, I still do this about once a month :)

    p.s. you have an ad showing in 2 spots on your sidebar that I had to chuckle about because I recognized the name from the news-- "Ashley Madison: Life is short, so have an affair". Lol, it's a dating service for married people, and not sure why I'm seeing it (??) or does everyone see the same ads? I don't even read books of a sexual nature. Just thought I'd throw that out so you would know.

  12. I want to go to the Engineering Expo! It sounds fabulous! 👍✨

    I hope everyone stays healthy in your house. A friend of mine was saying on Facebook last week that he thinks he's been sick more in the last year and a half, since his daughter started kindergarten, than he has been in his entire life. 😷

    Have a wonderful week. 🌞

  13. Yay! Glad you got to buy more books! I hate it when some parents send their kids to school, even though the kids are sick.

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  14. I’m tempted to get Netflix just so I can watch Bake-Off whenever I want. I love that show. I hope Tornado stays healthy! Happy February!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  15. I've read 3 of Hyde's novels and enjoyed each one so I expect to love the one you received! Hope you can stay ahead of the flu bug. It really is a challenge. Have a good week!

  16. I just put myself on a buying ban especially after all those pre-orders I grabbed at christmas. I will maybe grab a few more pre-orders this year but not many. I want to read a bunch on my semester breaks and work through what I have. Have a wonderful week.


  17. The Catherine Ryan Hyde book looks really good. I loved No Escape Claws. Have a great week!

  18. I used to love combing used bookstores for treasures. It took years, but I managed to find almost all of Elizabeth Goudge's novels... and then lost most of them when a water line leaked above the bookshelf. Now I find myself using Abe Books (online) more often, when I'm after specific out-of-print or used titles. But there's a good used bookstore in the nearest small city, and I try to get in there at least a few times a year, even if I don't buy anything. I found a couple of Oz books there last time I was in (by later authors, after Baum), and snatched them up.

    I hope your family can avoid the flu. There's a lot of it around.

    The Engineering Expo sounds fun but exhausting. What a great opportunity for the kids!

  19. Oh I love to go to used bookstores and libraries because they smell like books. But I want my books with me all the time, especially when I travel so I just don't buy the print books any more. The ones I have are mostly autographed or really old ones, some out of print.

    I love the STEM stuff. My daughter got to go to a week long thing at a college campus after 6th grade. They built rockets, programmed robotics, did McGyver stuff. It was awesome I wanted to go. I've got the Widow from the library and hope to get to it soon.

    Have a great week. Anne - Books of My Heart

  20. I hope that you are able to keep that nasty bug out of your house. It is frustrating when people who should stay home don't. We only get 2 sick days per year at my job so my co-workers will come in running fevers. It's nuts! Yay for going to the bookstore. It sounds like so much fun! Have a great week!

  21. I can relate to so many things in this post!! Lol. First, the flu. I get so upset about people sending kids or themselves out when they are sick! My husband got sick the other week and he said he must have gotten it from a coworker who came to work super ill. I have a preschooler with cerebral palsy and he is super tiny, so I freak out about illness! I think I followed my husband around with a can of disinfectant the whole time he was sick. Lol. Poor guy. Fingers crossed you all stay well!

    I haven't bought books in forever either. I just had so many. I now rely on galley copies and the library. It is kind of challenging at times but that is ok. Although, my dad gave me a gift card to a book store for Christmas and I have been chipping away at it, buying really nice copies of favorite books. :)

    And I was apprehensive about the new Great British Bake Off cast but they have grown on me. :)

    If you like that Catherine Ryan Hyde, try Allie and Bea by her - same dynamic, senior citizen and kid. :)

  22. LOL that's how I feel about anyone sick going out ANYWHERE unless it's absolutely 100% necessary. I got sick from some jerk that opted to go out to a concert sick. Grrr!

    How fun on the used bookstores. Definitely something to do now and again :)

  23. They should have masks for those kids. So rude. Looking around in a bookstore is fun. I'm pickier because most of the time, there are books where only particular ones are there in a series. I use my Goodreads app when I'm there but the kids definitely find some to bring home.