Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nora Roberts' InnBoonsboro Trilogy - Contemporary Romance Review

The InnBoonsboro trilogy is a fun contemporary romance trilogy that involves three brothers who are renovating an old historic house into a dream inn.  There's a ghost story and all kinds of quirky characters to help round out the books. 

Goodreads: The Next Always -
 I read this series soon after I came out and remember I enjoyed it and that there was a ghost but that was about it.  I decided it was time for a reread and I was not disappointed!  Beckett and Clare are a great couple.  They knew each other in high school but while Beckett had a crush on her they don't really have a history.  I'm always a little iffy when a romance revolves around feelings from the teenage years and while there are mentions of Beckett's feelings it didn't really feel like that which I really appreciated.  Beckett is a fairly typical Nora Roberts hero.  He's tall and gorgeous and very capable.  He's also incredibly kind and protective and great with kids.  Clare is a little more unusual.  She's had some trauma with losing her husband but she doesn't have any real baggage.  The conflict between them felt fairly realistic as they're trying to get used to being a couple.  There's a bit of suspense with a fairly typical Roberts villain.  I didn't feel like it was necessary but it did lead to a nice moment with the ghost so I'm good with it!  This was a fun reread that pulled me in from the start and made me want to continue with the trilogy.

Goodreads: The Last Boyfriend -

Impulsive yet driven Avery is about as different from cool collected Clare from the previous book as she could possibly be but I couldn't help but love her.  She's impulsive but not stupid with it.  She's emotional but still fairly controlled and has some trauma that she really doesn't want to talk about.  Owen is the king of all lists and organization.  He loves schedules and plans and leaves Post-Its everywhere.  They have a history together but while Avery always had a crush on Owen there was never really any romance due to their age difference (it's like 5 years so not a big deal for adults but is for kids and teenagers).  There isn't suspense like there was in the first book but there is a bit of conflict and there's a big helping of ghost which I really enjoyed.  This definitely didn't suffer from 2nd book troubles and had both a satisfying relationship and moved other storylines along nicely.

Goodreads: The Perfect Hope - I don't always love the third book in Nora Roberts trilogies but this is an exception.  Really as a whole this trilogy is incredibly consistent and each book is a fun read and each relationship is believable.  Hope and Ryder have a bit of a rockier start than the previous two books.  They don't have a history together and while they're attracted to each other from the start they don't particularly like each other.  It was fun to watch the relationship develop between them even though at times they were unaware of just what was happening.  I really liked how they learned to communicate with each other and made their peace with what was happening between them.  The conclusion to the ghost plot was a bit trite but enjoyable.

As Nora Roberts books go this was a very enjoyable trilogy with likable characters and a gorgeous setting.  If you like a bit of ghostly presence in your romances with a dash of history and a heaping scoop of family than this a trilogy you really should read.


  1. I own this series on Kindle and now I want to do a reread.

  2. I really enjoyed this series and think I listened to at least one of them on audio. Loved the ghost! Bringing back memories of this trilogy.

  3. I really enjoyed this series and would love to spend a weekend at the Inn one day :)

  4. Thanks for reminding me of this trilogy...I have only read (and loved) the first one, so now I must continue.

  5. Good reviews, and I love how you put the reviews together, looking at the books both individually and as a trilogy. I feel a reread coming on...

    Someday I'd like to stay at The Inn Boonsboro, which in real life is owned by Nora Roberts and her husband. I wonder if there really is a ghost?

  6. From what I recall, this was a good trilogy. I'm such a sucker for banter between siblings and cute kids.