Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday Ten Books I Love That Deserve More Love

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic from That Artsy Reader Girl is all about favorite books that deserve more attention aka - Ten Books I LOVE with Fewer Than 2000 Goodreads Ratings.  

1.  Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets by Rosemary Simpson (160 Ratings) - I don't know why this historical mystery series hasn't gotten more attention.  It has strong and interesting characters, a setting with lots of possibilities and intriguing mysteries.  

2.  A Fatal Collection by Mary Ellen Hughes (247 Ratings) - I love this cozy mystery series set in a town full of curio shops.  The heroine owns a shop that specializes in music boxes and I find myself in need of a music box collection. 

3.  A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert  (1,273 Ratings) - I love this cozy mystery series involving a librarian living in a little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains in a gorgeous old Victorian.  

4.  Booked 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton (374 Ratings) - Another cozy mystery series and another series that should have more attention.  This one is super quirky involving a PI firm and a retirement community in Arizona.  It's lots of fun with characters I want to hang out with and unique mysteries.

5.  The Last Chance Matinee by Mariah Stewart (983 Ratings) - This was one of my favorite books in 2017 and I really think this first book in a trilogy about three sisters who discover that they are sisters and that their father left them a rather odd inheritance.  I've got the 3rd book coming up on my TBR soon and I'm so excited!

6.  Death Overdue by Allison Brook (1,085 Ratings) - This is a cozy mystery series involving a haunted library.  A haunted library!

7.  City of Lies by Victoria Thompson (1,236 Ratings) - This got a little wrongly billed as a mystery.  It is a mystery but it's not a typical murder mystery and the real focus is on the women's suffrage movement in the first quarter of the 1920s.  I really enjoyed it and the second book was a great read too.

8.  The Case of William Smith by Patricia Wentworth (711 Ratings) - I love Patricia Wentworth and this is one of my favorites.  I think her mysteries are incredibly overlooked and they're always enjoyable.

9.  House of Many Shadows by Barbara Michaels (1,820 Ratings) - I have no idea how many times I've reread this Gothic-y Romantic Suspense more times than I can count and it's always lots of fun with ghosts and old secrets and old houses stuffed to the brim.

10. Love From Boy: Roald Dahl's Letters to His Mother by Donald Sturrock (425 Ratings) This is another one that really should get more love.  Not only are the letters incredibly sweet and humorous but Sturrock does a great job providing context to the letters.

What books do you love that deserve more attention?


  1. I actually read Booked 4 Murder a few days ago and it was a fun quirky read! I loved the crazy characters and the book curse!

  2. They all sound good! I need to read more Barbara Michaels.

  3. First of all, HOUSE OF MANY SHADOWS - love it. Like you, I've read it and read it. I agree with you about many of these series, though I haven't started them yet. Yet. ;-)

  4. So many good books on your list. There's a few that fell off my radar screen, so I appreciate the reminder!

  5. I think there are so many cozy series that are probably really fun- I especially like the ones that center around a library/ bookstore or cafes! lol. The Roald Dahl book of letters sounds fascinating also.

  6. What a great list - I have a real weakness for cosy mysteries, but I don't have much patience if they aren't well written. Thank you for these!

  7. I have only read the Mariah Stewart book but it always makes me a rather sad when I see books I've enjoyed that haven't hit high reader numbers on GR.

  8. I need to read Love from Boy. I keep forgetting to look to see if Hoopla has it. Thanks for reminding me. 👍✨

  9. I've never actually though to look, but am definitely surprised at the 425 rating for Love from Boy!

  10. I have only read one of the books on your list--Murder for the Books, and yes, it definitely deserves more love. Most of the others are on my TBR or wish list.

  11. I had every intention of reading mysteries in March and I could have just picked these up from your recommendation. But you know how reading goals go! Still, there's always hope I'll get to some of them.