Saturday, November 17, 2018

My Non-Bookish Fall Favorites

I love books and all things bookish but a few times a year I love looking back about things outside the book world that I've been loving.  After all you have to step away from books occasionally right!

1.. Land's End 5 oz Velvet Flannel Sheets - I love flannel sheets and keep them on my bed year round.  In the past I was buying the ones from Target and always had to replace them once a year because they'd be falling apart.  These are a little more expensive but they're always running a sale and the quality is amazing.  I wash them once a week in hot water and have had them on my bed just about every night for 2 years and they're still so soft and cozy.

2.  Hallmark Mystery Movies - I'm recovering from a bout with pneumonia which means I've been spending a lot of time on the couch and have been watching one Hallmark Mystery after another - Garage Sale, Aurora Teagarden, Morning Show Murders.  I can't get enough!

3.  Disney Mugs - Last year on a whim I bought a Chip and Dale mug at Disney World and have gotten so much joy out of using it.  This year I bought two - a Mary Poppins mug which is fancy and perfect for coffee and a It's a Small World which I love for tea or hot chocolate.

4.  Almond Joy Candy Bars - I forgot how much I love Almond Joys until the Tornado got a few in his Halloween bag and I ate them all!  Now I need all the Almond Joys.
5.  Chick Fil A Chicken Biscuits - This is not a new favorite as Chick Fil A chicken biscuits have always been my favorite bt lately I've rediscovered them and have been enjoying the occasional treat after I drop the Tornado off at school.

6.  Soft Pretzels - I have been obsessed with soft pretzels lately.  I think it started with one I had in Disney World but other than chicken biscuits and Almond Joys they're pretty much all I want to eat.

7.  Disney Emoji  Blitz - I've never been big into phone games but I've gotten obsessed with this one which is essentially a match 3 game.  It has daily challenges and all these different goals and is crazy addictive.  On top of that when you when an emoji it gets added to your keyboard so I can now send Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or whatever I feel the need to send.  I'm not really an emoji user but I've increased my use considerably lately!

What were you loving this fall?


  1. The Hallmark Mystery movies sound fun and like a great way to relax. :)

  2. I love all things Disney! I also love soft pretzels, which I discovered as a kid when my two BFF's and I spent our Saturdays at a mall in the early 70's. I also love the Soft Pretzel Twists at Sonic. So good!

  3. I might need to construct a winter essentials list for next month! At the moment it's frothy hot chocolate every day I'm having!

  4. Does your Small World cup 'sing'? That might be deal-breaker for me. I love that song, but...LOL!

  5. I am so with you on Almond Joys!!! I have been stealing the kids from Halloween. Also I always buy a mug when we go to disney. They have the best ones!

  6. I wish I could take the hubby into using flannel sheets. I've always liked the quality of Land's End products so I'm not surprised that they hold up well. wish I could give them a try!

  7. I'm with you on the Chick Fil A - yum.
    I live up north where winter is a long, cold season. Lands End is my go to for jackets, etc. Haven't tried the flannel sheets but good to know they're great. I wish our cable tier included the mystery channel from Hallmark. We only get their main channel.

  8. I always used to swipe the peanut butter cups out of my son's Halloween candy. Ha ha. 🎃

    The Small World mug is perfection. 💜