Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another One Bites the Crust - Cozy Mystery Review

Rating: Very Good
Source:  Publisher

Torte―the beloved small-town bakeshop run by Jules Capshaw―is set to hit the stage. But who would have guessed that murder would makes a surprise appearance?

It’s the role of a lifetime for Jules. The Shakespeare Festival has returned to Ashland, Oregon, for the season and Torte has been cast as the supplier of Elizabethan-era treats for the main event. But on the eve of opening night, a brawl between Jules’s friend Lance, the artistic director, and a strapping young thespian named Anthony almost brings down the house. . .and the next morning, Anthony is dead. Jules knows that Lance loves his drama―and his just desserts―but she also knows that murder is way off-script for him. Now it’s up to Jules to cut through a bevy of backstage betrayals and catty co-stars who all have their own secrets―before the curtain drops on someone else. . .

Genre: Mystery - Cozy

Why I Picked This Book:
  This is one of my absolute favorite cozy mystery series so there was no way I could resist this one!

My Impression:
  This series feels just like visiting old friends.  I love getting back to Torte and checking in on Jules, Andy, Stephanie, Sterling, and now Bethany.  This one even had a bit of romance with Jules' mom doing some wedding planning as well as the excitement of the new expansion at Torte.  I do wish Torte was a real place because despite all the murder it would be on the top of my list of places to visit!  The food descriptions are mouth watering and Alexander brings the whole place to life.

While the murder doesn't occur until well into the book the plot starts going right away.  Lance has been a reoccurring character in all the previous books and here he's front and center and going to pieces a bit more than usual.  It was sweet that even though he drives Jules absolutely crazy she was worried about him as was everyone else at Torte.  I was swept up right away into life in Ashland and the murder just hooked me even more.  As I would expect from this series the mystery is well done and page turning.  I had a few ideas prior to the reveal but there were still a few surprises.

This is a fast paced mystery with a fantastic setting and some of my favorite cozy characters.  It was an absolute delight and I can't wait for the next book!

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?
  Absolutely!  This is on my must read list and she has another series that I'm looking forward to starting.

Would I Recommend this Book?
  Definitely!  If you enjoy cozy mysteries this is a must not miss series.  I think you could jump in with this book with no problem but don't miss the previous books in the series - they're all great reads!


  1. Awesome review. Glad that you enjoyed it. I haven’t read any cozy mysteries for years but this sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. ❤️😁

  2. I love her other series, so I'm the opposite of you - encouraging people to read the Pacific Northwest series and needing to try this one myself. Keep pushing me. LOL

  3. This series sounds fun. If you and Kay both recommend this author and her books, then I'm for sure going to check her out!

  4. I find that cozy mysteries have some of the best book titles with play on words, this one included.

  5. ೕ(`・୰・´) Yay for another good installment in a cozy series. I have book two on my TBR for this year.
    OMGoodness, if you and I got together, we would need our fat pants because we'd be cooking and baking the whole time and oinkin' out!

  6. I hear you, its a must read for you, and sounds totally delicious as well. Will certainly keep it in mind.

  7. Ashland sounds fun and yay for a Shakespearean festival. Love the cover too with the skull in the pie. :)

  8. I love it when a series becomes so real it almost feels like visiting with friends. This does sound like a great series. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I love a fast paced mystery. Good to know I can jump in with this one!

  10. Oh my gosh, this title is so adorable! I love it so much. I'm so glad you loved it and that the series is still going strong.

  11. I love it when reading a series book makes you feel like you are visiting with old friends. This sounds delightful, Katherine.

  12. Aw love that feeling of visiting old friends. So good!