Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Villians

Today's Top Ten Tuesday Topic from The Broke and the Bookish is All About the Villains.  As I was thinking about it I realized that I don't really read books with villains.  I mean I frequently read books with murders but they are more bad guys than actual villains and they frequently have reasons for why the're killing the store owner/new person in town/person the main character threatened to kill in public.  And while murder is not okay I wouldn't categorize them as villains for the most part.  So I'm spreading into other areas and thinking about who really creeps me out in books, television, and film.


Levana from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - The whole fact that she can make people feel different ways and see different things is super creepy.  Plus the fact that she's perfectly good with killing just about everyone she can't manipulate put her in the extra evil character.

Josie Pye from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery - Okay so Josie isn't exactly evil but she's so awful.  She's passive aggressive and petty and just plain mean spirited.  And everyone knows someone just like her.


Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist -  Reddington is actually pretty likable for the most part but just as I begin to think that he's really just a nice guy with a bad past he shoots someone for fun or doesn't something else awful and reminds me that he's really a pretty awful guy and he knows EVERYTHING.

The Silence from Doctor Who - There's something about this creature that you forget as soon as you look away from but can still influence your thoughts and actions that's terrifying!  I'll take a Weeping Angel any day.

James Moriarty from Sherlock - He's absolutely brilliant with an eye for detail and is basically acting solely for his own entertainment.  How do you fight that?

The Gravedigger from Bones - Alien in a Spaceship is probably one of my favorite episodes of Bones and the one where we meet the Gravedigger.  There's something terrifying about the fact that there is no negotiating and no mercy plus the who ideas of being buried alive gives me the heebie jeebies.  


Patrick Bateman from American Psycho - A number of years ago J and I were both sick but the kind that you can't sleep because you're so miserable.  So we were in the living room watching TV and finally my cold medicine decided to kick in and I zonked out on the couch.  About 2 hours later I woke up - still out of it from the meds - to find myself completely alone with all the light off and the TV on.  And I'd been lucky enough to wake up right in the middle of the threesome scene of American Psycho where the main character has decided to take an axe to two unlucky girls who went home with him.  I'm still a bit traumatized.

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians - Because seriously who makes a coat out of puppies?  I do have the book on my TBR but I haven't read it yet so I'm keeping Cruella in the movie category until I read the book just to be sure she's just as evil.

The Scarecrow from Batman Begins - There are so many terrifying Batman Villains but something about The Scarecrow in the first movie who turns your brain against you is the scariest to me.

Annabel from Annabel - Yes I know that it's really something possessing the doll and not the doll itself but have you seen the doll?  Who buys something like that?  And why on earth would you put it in an infant's bedroom??

What villains scare you the most?  


  1. Levana for sure is a great villain. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho is a great pick . That movie is so messed up!! Great list!

  2. Levana made my list too! I stuck with books, but you've got some great movie ones there!

  3. I could think of my from tv/movies than books, too. It is weird how my mind works because I definitely read a lot of books that have characters that could be considered villains!

  4. I was so close to adding The Silence to mine! :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  5. Seriously, the Silence are soooo scary. The whole idea of them. And even seeing the little lines on the Doctor's body is creepy.

  6. I'm really curious about Reddington because I literally just started that show on Netflix (two episodes) and I'm trying to figure him out!You have some scary ones listed. I thought Cruella da Vil was pretty ansty as a kid.

  7. I love Reddington, he's a fabulous bad-guy. I think it says so much about Spader as an actor that I can root for him even he's been torturing someone just ten minutes before.

    My TTT

  8. I couldn't think of a good spin for this week's top ten and so skipped it. I love the list you put together, Katherine. I really like Reddington too. And the Silence was pretty scary, wasn't it?

  9. if the Silence are creepier than the weeping angels, no thanks! :) My TTT

  10. Moriarty was on my list this week too!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/05/top-ten-tuesday-77/

  11. Good choices, but Red Reddington!? I thinks he's more of a big ol' teddy bear... With a gun. Lol!

  12. Great list, Katherine! Levana is definitely evil. And oh, yessss to Moriarty! The Silence is pretty scary, but I also love The Weeping Angels!

  13. I've been meaning to get to the Blacklist but haven't yet. One of these weekends, I'll have to binge watch.

  14. The Silence from Doctor Who is a definite!

  15. Isn't it interesting that 101 Dalmatians ever became such a big hit - I mean, we must not really have thought too deeply about reading (and watching) a story about a woman who has puppies killed, skinned and turned into coats!