Friday, January 31, 2014

This Week in Reading

Last week I was on fire reading-wise so this week was a bit of a letdown.  Given the growing number of books to read both on the Kindle and on my bookshelves I don't have time for slumps!

What I Read:

This was probably my favorite book this week.  It's been awhile since I've read a Historical that I've really loved so it was a lot of fun to really enjoy the genre again. I thought it was different that the characters were Dutch and that the heroine had a trade that made sense.  I also like that the secrets that were kept really needed to be kept and the consequences they were worried about were actually very serious.  This was a great book and I was thrilled to discover I'd bought the one before this months ago and had just forgotten!  I'll be digging into that one very soon.

I have no idea why it took me so long to get to this series but I'm so glad I finally did.  Phrynne was a refreshing change from the either silly or emotionally traumatized leads in other mysteries that are set in this time period.  I loved the talk of clothes, jewelry and other bits of pop culture.  The mystery was well done and I'm looking forward to reading the 2nd one.  

This was the third time I've read this book and I'm no closer to understanding it than I was before I read it.  This was Christie's last novel and it is definitely one of her weakest.  Unless you're a Christie fanatic or trying to read all of them in a year I'd skip this one.

What I'm Reading:

This is the latest book by one of favorite authors.  I've read the first one of this series and I've been pleased on how well #7 hold up without having to read all the ones in between.  I'm about half way done with this one.

This is the first of Christie's non-series books and it's been a really nice change from the confusing muddle that was Postern of Fate.  I'm 10% done with this one.

What's Distracting Me:

Just general craziness of life.  It seems like someone always needs to be taken somewhere or picked up from somewhere.  The Tornado has been on the clingy side.  I'm also thinking I was abducted by aliens at some point because I've gotten NOTHING done pretty much all week yet I feel like I've been crazy busy.   I'm hoping this weekend will be nice and quiet.

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