Thursday, January 2, 2014

Whew! December Wrap Up

I got all the 18 books read this month.  I'm hoping my time management is much better this year because most of December was spent staying up way too late until my eyes burned trying to get the books finished.  A few of these were short which I feel like is kind of cheating but I had to get past it.  So in the month of December I read:

1.  Akin to Anne - L.M. Montgomery
2.  Road to Yesterday - L.M. Montgomery
3.  Along the Shore - L.M. Montgomery
4.  Among the Shadows - L.M. Montgomery
5.  Christmas with Anne - L.M. Montgomery
6.  At the Altar - L.M. Montgomery
7.  Looking for Anne of Green Gables by Irene Gammel
8. Coming Home by Mariah Stewart
9.  It Had to Be You - Jill Shalvis
10. Christmas Mysteries - Patricia Wentworth, Charlotte MacLeod, et al
11. Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy - Karen Foxlee
12. Ramshackle Glam - Jordan Reid
13. A Christmas to Remember - Jill Shalvis
14.  Reunion with Death - Sheila Connolly
15.  Deadly Ambition - Laura Bradford
16. Christmas on 4th Street - Susan Mallery
17. American Afterlife - Kate Sweeney
18. Jeffrey Introduces 13 More Southern Ghosts - Kathryn Tucker Windham

Favorite Book - Probably American Afterlife by Kate Sweeney.  Pretty much all the books I read were really good with a few exceptions.  Kathryn Tucker Windham is one of my favorite authors.  Susan Mallery surprised me with her Christmas on 4th Street which to my delight featured no unplanned pregnancies and a great female character.  It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis also featured a great female character and was highly entertaining.  I also love the community that started in Coming Home by Mariah Stewart and am looking forward to reading the next 6 in the series that are currently sitting on my bookshelf.

Worst Book - Without hesitation or question the book I liked the least this month is Looking for Anne of Green Gables by Irene Gammel.  I actually feel like I have less of an understanding about the book than I did before I read this.

Most Unusual Book - Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee.  This is a children's adventure story that takes place in a museum.  It features a little girl who isn't the strongest or the most put together who decides to save the world and does.


  1. You know what, I have Looking for Anne. I forgot. haha. I don't think I should read it.

    1. It got some good reviews on amazon and goodreads so I may be in the minority with my opinion of it. I think I would've felt less confused if I had read it after reading a straightforward biography. I also have a hard time with the kind of circular timeline that was used. My little left brained soul likes things to be in an orderly format or I short circuit!