Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Madhouse Cookbook - Review

The Madhouse Cookbook by Jo Pratt

I was thrilled when I saw this book on Netgalley.  Having 4 kids of various ages and activity levels I can definitely identify with the word madhouse.  The book is divided into 3 chapters - Monday-To-Friday Survival, The Busy Weekends, and Cling Onto Your Social Life.  British food writer, stylist, and TV host Jo Pratt tries to take a realistic look at putting food on the table between work and activities.  I do wonder how well some of the recipes translate to American diets.  Smoked salmon, anchovies and beans on toast aren't a regular part of my diet as a rule.  I don't see my children (or in some cases my husband) eating many of these recipes willingly.  There are some very tasty dinner ideas like Simple Slow Roast Chicken dinner, Pan-Fried Chimichurri Steak, and Mozzarella and Risotto Primavera Cakes.  There is a sizable collection of desserts including some delicious looking crumbles and a fruit yogurt brulee as well as the standard frosted cakes and cupcakes.  This may not be the book that keeps your pickiest kids fed but it's a book full of intriguing recipes that could help break you out of the same old same old cooking rut.

Verdict: Recommended with reservations.  Not a book if you're looking for a solid go-to family cookbook but perfect if you're looking for something new.

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