Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Books I've Read with Librarians in the Story

This year I'm taking a look at my favorite things in books.  And one of my favorite things in books is a bookish character.  I'm breaking it down a little and today I'm looking specifically at librarian characters in books I've read.  I love a book with a librarian character and am always looking for more!

1.  Charlie Harris in the Cat in the Stacks Mystery series by Miranda James - Charlie is a retired librarian who works part time at a university library - when he's not solving crimes with his very fabulous cat.

2.  Carrie Singleton in the Haunted Library series by Allison Brook - There is a lot of time spent in the library in this series as Carrie's job is running events.  And dealing with Evelyn the library ghost.  And solving murders.

3.  Julia Winston in Sugar Pine Trail by RaeAnne Thayne - Julia starts out the book as an almost stereotypical librarian - quiet and reserved.  Until two little boys come into her life and her tenant upstairs starts showing up more and more.

4.  Lindsey Norris in the Library Lover's Mystery series by Jenn McKinlay - Lindsey has her hands full with library politics, a quirky staff, and a heaping helping of crime.

5.  Dana Steele in Key of Knowledge by Nora Roberts - Dana isn't really a librarian for long in this book but her love of books makes up for lack of library employment.

6.  Aurora Teagarden in the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris - Aurora isn't a librarian through the whole series but she's a book lover through and through.

7.  Mrs. Phelps in Matilda by Roald Dahl - I didn't read this book until I was an adult but Mrs. Phelps may just be my favorite character.

8.  Phoebe O'Dunn in That Night on Thistle Lane by Carla Neggers - This isn't my favorite book but I do love a romance with a librarian being a main character - especially one where they discover a hidden room up in the attics!

9.  Celeste Nichols A Cold Creek Christmas Story by RaeAnne Thayne - Another Thayne and another sweet bookish story. 

10.  Lucy Richardson in the Lighthouse Library series by Eva Gates - It's a library in a lighthouse!  I loved the description of the library and of course it doesn't hurt that the mysteries are pretty great too!

What are some of your favorite books that feature librarians? 


  1. I’d forgotten Charlaine Harris wrote another series. I’d read almost all of her Sookie Stackhouse books.

  2. This is a cool list of books, and it's got me thinking about books I have read with librarians. Usually there is some paranormal woo-woo involved.

  3. There's something about libraries and bookstores in books, especially with mysteries. I keep thiking the McKinlay books sound great.

    1. There is, isn't there? They are just so appealing, especially in a mystery.

  4. Yes! I love reading about libraries and librarians. None are coming right to mind, though ... hmm ...

  5. Books about people who love books are special. I have a few of these on my wishlist.

  6. Great list - I like the librarians in some of Jenny Colgan's books - they immediately come to mind.

  7. What a wonderful list! My favourite librarian - though she is really a secret agent - is Irene, employed by the Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman...

  8. Matilda! 💟💟💟

    I loved The Library of Lost and Found. 📚