Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Murphy's Slaw - Cozy Mystery Review

Goodreads:  Murphy's Slaw (An Alaskan Diner Mystery #3) by Elizabeth Logan

Rating: Liked It
Source: Publisher

Description: When a local prize-winning farmer is murdered at the state fair, Charlie Cook gets called in to help investigate, but she’s shocked to learn the victim is a friend in this latest installment in the Alaskan Diner Mysteries.

Charlie Cooke loves many things, like the Bear Claw Diner, the heated steering wheel of her car, and her orange tabby cat Eggs Benedict. Something she has never loved is the state fair. So when her best friend Annie Jensen begs her for a fair day, she’s reluctant. But Annie isn’t the only one who wants her to spend a day among farm animals and deep fried food. A vendor has been murdered, and Trooper Graham needs his favorite part-time sleuth to dig up the truth, and Charlie is happy to oblige.

The case grows personal when Charlie learns the victim is Kelly Carson, whom she and Annie were friends with in high school. If Charlie wants to find justice for Kelly, she and Annie will have to work together to weed out the killer.

Genre: Mystery - Cozy

Why I Picked This Book:  I've been reading this series since the beginning so I had to pick this newest book up!

My Impression:  This series is a fun one with lots of elements that I always enjoy.  I love that the setting isn't just window dressing and life in non-Anchorage Alaska gets discussed.  I really enjoy the team investigation aspect from Trooper who is actually law enforcement and then Charlie, her friend the local innkeeper Annie, and reporter Chris.  They each bring a different perspective to the investigation which I really enjoy.  I also really enjoy the dynamics of the diner with customers and staff and all the food talk.

The mystery is an interesting one though emotionally a bit harder for Charlie as the victim is an old friend.  There's a mix of guilt and obligation fueling Charlie and Annie in their investigation and bunches of clues though no real obvious motive - at least not at first.  I really enjoy the mystery and the read in general and always like spending time in Alaska!

I have a couple of very minor issues with the book.  Charlie is obsessed with her cat Benny who does seem like a pretty great cat but she's always checking in on him through the camera.  Or sharing stories of his antics. Or reading stories to him or buying treats for him or whatever else.  To me, it felt like it slowed down the pacing a bit.  That said, this series is quickly turning into a reliably entertaining series with a great cast and an interesting setting.  

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  I would!  I'll be keeping an eye out for the next book in this series - or any book by this author.

Would I Recommend this Book?  If you enjoy cozy mysteries this is a great series that I think most mystery fans would enjoy.

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  As always my opinions and impressions are completely my own. *


  1. I read the first one in this series and liked it. I have to catch up with it.

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  3. Sounds like a good read with a obsessed cat owner for sure.

  4. This sounds really good! I like that law enforcement is actually involved in the investigation. Great review!

  5. That sounds like an interesting setting.