Sunday, June 30, 2019

This Week in Reading - June 30

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Booking the Crook by Laurie Cass (Publisher)

Bewitched and Betrothed by Juliet Blackwell (Publisher)


Reading: A Beach Wish by Shelley Noble and Layover by David Bell

Listening: I finished A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Dyle (narrated by Stephen Fry) and enjoyed it though it wasn't quite what I was expecting.   I just started Suddenly One Summer by Julie James which I'm enjoying but haven't had much of a chance to listen to it.

Watching:  Not much but I'm hoping to get some binge watching in next week.  I don't know what I'm going to binge watch though - any suggestions?  

Off the Blog:

I'm not sure how this week went as I'm writing this on Monday right before I head out of town.  I'm picking up Emma and the two of us plus the Tornado are going to get the venue set up for her wedding.  Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly as we're going to do a lot of winging and last minute scrambling!  Emma has had a big couple of months.  She got her degree at the beginning of May and just found out she has her first official job.  She'll be an 8th grade World History teacher in a little town south of where she'll be living.  She loved the feel of the school and is really excited.  Throw in the wedding and it's been quite the summer so far!

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday:  Beach Wish - Fiction Review
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday - Childhood Favorites
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday: Layover - Thriller Review
Friday: Friday Fives
Saturday: Reading Wrapup 2019 - 2nd Quarter

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Congrats to your daughter, and hope the wedding (and the setup) goes well! And have a great 4th of July!! :)

  2. Great news about the job for Emma and I hope the wedding has gone fine.

    I've been doing A LOT of binge-watching at the moment, including some foreign language series. Currently watching Bitter Daisies!

  3. Saw a few of the photos on IG, they were absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Hope you enjoyed it all. I imagine Stephen Fry would narrate well and I read the Julie James ages ago, I usually enjoy her books.

  4. Fingers crossed for a smooth and beautiful wedding!

  5. That's great that your daughter already has a job set up! You are having a full summer! I am binging on Stranger Things as the 3rd season comes out Thursday! :) You should try it if you haven't it's very strange and 80's and full of awesomeness! :)

    Weekend Review

  6. I'm so happy for Emma and your extended family! Over the years following you I've heard enough about her to know she's a great kid (adult). I used to work in education and it's a job that dedicated people will get back what they give. Congrats!

    I want to read The Islanders, which you said was good, so I hope to pick it up.

  7. Sounds like your daughter has some exciting times ahead. Good luck to her and to you, too, mama!

  8. Yay for the many little blessings your daughter has received.

  9. I have read A Study in Scarlet long time ago. I may give it another go if I get a chance. Good luck to your daughter too.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  10. I saw the photos you posted on Instagram. Beautiful. 💐

    Have a less hectic new week. 🌞

  11. My goodness - your daughter has had a hectic summer. I hope the wedding goes off smoothly and they are very happy together.

  12. Congrats to Emma...and enjoy the planning for the wedding. Enjoy your books!

    I am loving Season II of Big Little Lies.

  13. So much exciting news for your daughter and congrats on her upcoming wedding too!

  14. Congratulations to your daughter!
    Have you watched Peaky Blinders? That's a great show to bingewatch. Bates Motel also comes to mind.
    Have a great week!

  15. I’m binging on Grimm at the moment, it’s lots of fun.
    Good luck with the last of those wedding details

    Have a great reading week

  16. Hope everything went well... the couple photos I saw on Instagram were so beautiful!!

  17. I hope the wedding went well and everyone enjoyed themselves!!