Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun linkup hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl that's all about Top Ten lists.  Today's topic is about unpopular bookish opinions!  I'm not sure how unpopular these are but these are just a few things I've seen people object to or like that I'm a bit on the opposite side of.

1.  I like a trite or overly wrapped up ending - Is every plot tied up with a bow?  Does everything magically work out?  I'm so in for that!

2.  I liked Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee - I think this book suffered from a bad marketing campaign.  It in no way is a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird which is kind of how the book was sold.  What it is is a rejected manuscript that she used as inspiration for To Kill a Mockingbird.  It's not particularly great book but  found it interesting to see what Lee started with and I could definitely see why she focused on Scout's childhood.  The flashbacks were actually brilliant.

3.  I dislike Little Women with the hot intensity of a thousand suns - I enjoy several of Alcott's other books but I despised Little Women.  The only character I liked was Meg because she got married early in the book and left.  Also, Amy is a psychopath.

4.  A book that is going to cause me to ugly cry is a book that I will most likely skip - It seems so many people like books that bring up a lot of emotions or are really sad but I've never been a fan.  I'm an escapist reader and I like what I"m escaping to to be fun!

5.  I don't keep books - Unless it's a book I know I'm going to reread or it has some kind of sentimental value I'm either giving it away or selling it at the local used bookstore.

6.  I don't mind a broken spine - Now I don't want pages falling out but as long as the binding okay I don't mind if the spine is broken to the point I can't even read the title.

7.  It doesn't bother me if all the covers in a series don't match - I don't know why publishers change it up as so many people do collect series they love and do want them to look the same but it doesn't really bother me.

8.  I didn't mind assigned reading in school - I've seen a lot of people say that assigned reading put them off of reading classics or even off of reading at all for awhile but it never bothered me.  Not even when I was in school.  Now I didn't love everything I read - I still get twitchy when James Joyce or Dostoyevsky gets mentioned - but it didn't affect my overall opinion on reading in general or specific genres.

9.  I hate clinch covers of any kind - I love the romance genre but so often I hate their covers.  They've gotten a little better over the last ten years or so but there are so many with a couple busting out of their clothes in an impossible pose.  Now to be fair I don't know anyone who really loves those covers but enough people must because they still exist.

10. I don't take notes, highlight or collect quotes - I know so many people love quotes but for some reason they never really stick with me and I can never remember any of them.  I'm also not a big note taker or highlighter. 


  1. Very interesting and thoughtful. No 1. and 4. Yep I am an escapist reader too, so while sometimes trite tires me out I enjoy an escapist story that wraps up nicely. No 5. I do keep books unless I know I will never want to read them again. I love being surrounded by books I've enjoyed, like good friends.

  2. My book collection is my pride and joy so I love keeping everything I enjoyed but I do get why people never reread or keep books after reading them. I am a bit OCD about covers matching and spines being protected though! I'm not a big quote collector either and I never highlight text in books.

  3. YES - I want all my questions, and all plot points, covered and concluded in the ending of a book. Also, I'm the same, I only keep books I see myself rereading (I donate the others)… I'm a big rereader so I think its justifiable.

    Interesting opinions here.

  4. Interesting post, I agree with #1 and #5. Personally, I love a book that gets to my emotions. I don't want this with every book I read but, once a month would be great.

  5. I'm an escapist reader too, who prefers things wrapped up neatly at the end.

  6. I also agree with #1 and #5. Yes, this was interesting - though I did like Little Women. However, I liked Eight Cousins, Rose in Bloom, and An Old Fashioned Girl better.

  7. I didn't do TTT today because the only unpopular opinion I could think of is that I didn't hate GO SET A WATCHMAN. I didn't love it, mind you, but I didn't despise it either. Most people seem to go one way or the other. I felt kind of ambivalent -- it had some things I liked, some I didn't. LITTLE WOMEN, on the other hand, I love :)

  8. I agree with your thoughts on assigned reading. There was one book/author we were assigned that I hated and still hate, but the rest ranged from "meh" to "whoa, I love this author!"

    I think it's a good thing to expose students to the classics. They won't love everything, but they might be surprised by what they do like.

    My TTT.

  9. Yeah it does bother me when my covers don't match! I can't explain why, it just does & I also hated my assigned reading in school, though I agree, it didn't put me off reading, it just put me off taking English any further as a subject. I don't mind the spine of books being broken either.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2019/06/11/top-ten-tuesday-215/

  10. #3 made me laugh! Some books are just that way. :) And yes I like things to be wrapped up too- unresolved or dangling plotlines drive me nuts.

  11. It definitely doesn't bother me if a series doesn't match in covers. My wallet thanks me 😂
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  12. I don't care if book covers match either, nor do I mind a broken spine.
    I like endings where everything is tied up with a pretty bow and I'm not a big fan of the ugly cry.

    I like this list... Gotta admit though, I've never read Little Women but now I want to! I want to see what makes Amy a psycho, lol. I've only watched the movie.

  13. I loved assigned reading when I was in school---I read a TON of classics my freshman year, and I'm still thankful for it now. And I don't collect quotes from books either, even when I love the language in a book. Usually IF I want to share a quote from a book I loved (happens rarely), I actually cheat and go to Goodreads and find quotes that other people listed there---nine times out of ten, I can find the ones I loved there. LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  14. Oh, I wish I had it together enough to have participated in this Top Ten Tuesday. I love your post! Also, I know we are bookish sisters because Amy March is indeed a bitch and Psychopathy! You said it all there. LOL

    One of my unpopular standings is with the book Eat, Love, Pray. people seemed to love it while I found it self indulgent. Ugh.

  15. Great opinions! I'd agree with most, especially the spine, and not taking notes, not keeping books and liking assigned reading. And Little Women is not good! Actually March is even worse - Mr March is terrible.
    I however, love a good cry book, and like my covers to match. Still, I mostly agreed with all of your points.

  16. I haven't re-read Little Women since my teens and everyone is scaring me. Ha ha. I am going to re-read it next year. I hope I still like it. 👍✨

  17. Used to have tons of books because that got traded for yarn, stamps, and paper. Nowadays it'll be Kindle versions I'll buy if I know I'd reread them over and over again. I have though bought some in the past that didn't impress much.