Monday, May 27, 2019

Agatha Christie Project - Hercule Poirot Mysteries Part 7

I'm a huge Agatha Christie and I've found over the years that her books can be reread essentially endlessly.  But with all the new bright shiny books that are constantly crossing my desk sometimes her straight forward yet twisty mysteries get lost in the shuffle.  So I'm trying to make an effort to keep at least one book on my short TBR pile.  While I'm reading them in chronological order by series you can really pick up any book at any point in the series. 

The Hollow (1946) - I have read that Agatha Christie believes she ruined this one by the addition of Poirot and while I can definitely agree that Poirot's addition definitely feels unnecessary I don't feel like he ruined my enjoyment of the book.  This is an interesting twist on the house party murder with a victim who is both loved and hated.  This was an entertaining mystery with characters who were at times likable, pathetic, and maddening.  This isn't the most surprising ending but it is an entertaining read.  Rating: Very Good

Labors of Hercules (1947) - This is such a fun concept.  Hercules is ready for retirement (he retires a lot throughout the books) and a chance mention regarding the classics gives him the perfect idea of his last hurrah.  He will take on each of the original Hercules' famous labors and once they are all completed it will then be time to retire.  And so starts a series of short stories featuring Poirot's interpretation of each of the labors.  I love Christie's short stories and this was incredibly entertaining and featured a few appearances of Miss Lemon who is one of my absolute favorite side characters.  Rating: Loved it!

Taken at the Flood (1948) - This one is a favorite yet one I always forget about.  Gordon Cloade shocked his family by marrying a much younger woman and then horrified them by dying in the Blitz just a few days later.  The aftermath is disastrous for the entire Cloade family and for Gordon Cloade's new widow.   Not only is the mystery compelling but there is a lot of room for thought and discussion about how the Cloade family should have acted and what happens to those who are coming home from the war and trying to adjust back to their old life as different people.  Rating: Loved it!


  1. These are 3 I haven't gotten to yet. And you've reminded me that I haven't read an AC book this year, so I'll definitely have to put that on my June goals. Taken at the Flood sounds great.

  2. I love the idea of the Labours of Hercules, and I guess I didn't know Christie wrote short stories. I'll have to add this one to the list of Christie's I want to try. I like the sound of Taken at the Flood too.

  3. I love that you really appreciate Agatha Christie and I am sure if she knew she'd have loved that too. It is difficult when as you say so many shiny new books cross your desk that it is challenging to give attention to older but worthwhile books.

  4. I really love this character. I've read these and also adore the BBC movies featuring him.

  5. You are doing well with that project. I love a good mystery and she is the Queen!