Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Books I'm Buying for My Birthday

My birthday is next week and in celebration I'm going to buy myself a bunch of books!  I've actually declared the entire month of May the Month of Me and am focusing on really concentrating on things I love.  So what better way to start off the Month of Me with a big order of books?

1.  The Summoning by Heather Graham - So I may have already pre-ordered this one but I really enjoy the Krewe series and this one takes place in Savannah which is a place I've always wanted to vist.  

2.  The French House: An American Family, A Ruined Maison, and the Village that Restored Them All by Don Wallace - This has been on my TBR for ages and I think now it's time I finally order it!

3.  The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell - Pretty much the same as above.

4.  I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel - I really wanted to read Bogel's first book but never got around to it and honestly this one calls me even more.

5.  The Art of the English Murder: From Jack the Ripper to Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchock by Lucy Worsley - I don't really know all that much about this one but I like what I've seen from Worsley on a handful of documentaries and I love the topic.

6.  In Search of the Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker's Odyssey by Samuel Fromartz - I've been in a bread baking mood and I love cooking project memoirs!

7.  The House We Grew Up in by Lisa Jewell - This was the first Lisa Jewell book I saw and it appealed to me instantly.  I finally read a Lisa Jewell book last year and really enjoyed it and this sounds good though a bit different.

8.  The Distant Hours by Kate Morton - I've checked this one out of the library several times and I think it's time I just buy it and get it read!

9.  The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams - I read a bunch of Beatriz Williams last year and have been missing her!  This is the first of the Schuyler Sisters and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

10. Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a Life by the Sea by Catherine Goldhammer -I know nothing about this one other than I love the title and the basic premise so I figure this is a good one to take a chance on!

What books would you buy yourself for your birthday present?


  1. You do so much that I'm absolutely thrilled that May is your "Me" Month, along with your birthday celebration! Hugs...RO

  2. Happy Birthday in advance and enjoy the new books.

  3. Early wishes for a happy birthday. and Me Month!! I'm sure you're going to enjoy these books:)

  4. I think books are the best gifts, even if we buy 'em ourselves. :) Happy birthday and hope they're all good!!

  5. What a brilliant way to celebrate your birthday! I've come to realise that we need to make the most of days like these and to mark them properly. I like your style of doing if for the month! Love Lisa Jewell but I haven't read that one. And Kate Morton is always good, but that isn't one of my favourites (still good though!).

  6. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday! I hope you love all these books.

  7. Lovely way to celebrate your birthday and buy books you've been looking at for awhile. I did buy that Beatriz W book and still sitting waiting to be read. Have a lovely day, a birthday month!

  8. One of the authors I'm friends with on Facebook started baking bread last year and now she bakes at least one loaf a week, and all different kinds; it's fascinating. I love seeing her finished product photos. I hope you share pics of your loaves when you make them! 🍞✨

    Happy birthday month! 🎂👑 We started doing birthday week quite a few years ago, and then I declared it a birthday month for Baz and I a couple of years ago because life is so hectic it seems like there is never time close to the real date to do anything meaningful. I buy myself books, too. 😁

  9. I'm trying to limit the books I'm buying so I can make a dent in the tbr. It's going well but I can never resist some creature feature books!

  10. Happy Birthday to you for next week! My birthday is tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed for a book buying opportunity during the Day!

  11. Happy birthday! I hope it's a wonder day—I mean, MONTH—of celebration!

    I've read THE DISTANT HOURS (loved it!), but that's it from your list. I'll be interested to see what you think of it and all these others. Looks like a super fun list!

  12. I love how you're treating yourself to books for your birthday. I recently ordered myself a set of ink pads for Mother's day, LOL. The bread cover made me salivate! I love crusty bread.